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WIN Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD
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WIN The Secret of Marrowbone on DVD

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002)

Category: XBox
Publisher: Electronic Arts
BBFC: 12

"You are Buffy Summers, you have to karate kick and stake all the vampires that are threatening Sunnydale high."

Review by
Andrew Rowat
Follow me:
Review Date: 26 June 2005 My Rating: out of 5


If you are a fan of the tv series you will love this game. The gameplay is simple and addictive, the graphics are lovely and the voice acting is cute and witty, much like the series.

Electronic Arts have had a good run of licensed games, Lord Of The Rings was quite accurate in all its orc slashing chaos. This classic from the gaming archives also captures the spirit of the much loved series.

The vampires are typical adolescent misfits wanting 'a piece' of Buffy, only to get their 'asses' kicked (I'm not American so the lingo doesn't come naturally) and occasionally plunged with a wooden stake. The atmosphere is great, serving up well rendered imitations of the school, graveyards etc. The game is not particularly scary, but then neither was the series which was never vying for a place next to The Exorcist. I always saw Buffy as being a hybrid of The Lost Boys and Dawson's Creek. In other words: vampires with growing pains.

The other characters (Giles, Willow et al) pop up in between levels to give Buffy some sage-like advice. Mostly, its the usual forward scrolling beat-em-up with the occasional puzzle and flashing objects that you must collect in order to progress. There are end-of-level baddies that have to be duffed up... Spike, etc.

Good stuff for fans... just an ok game for the rest of us. I wish EA would make a game of the original Salem's Lot, that would be real horror, rapidly pressing buttons to scratch windows in awful sounding ways...mmm.

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