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The Emergence (Missing Era)
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The Emergence (Missing Era) (2015)

By A. O. Khalil
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

"They were just sinkholes, harmless sinkholes that were spreading like wildfire across the country. Then the disappearances started. A few people here and there then the entire army, gone in one night. Jay and Jule quickly find themselves thrown in the middle of a dangerous situation that only gets worse when something else comes that takes everyone by bloody surprise. As they make ready to leave to gather with the rest of the family, something comes out of the sinkholes and begins attacking and killing everyone in sight. Before they know it they are in the middle of a war with an unknown enemy and an unknown agenda. Will Jay and Jule survive their encounter or will they find themselves twenty-six feet under at the bottom of a sinkhole?"

Review by
Horror Asylum
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Review Date: 15 May 2015 My Rating: out of 5


The Emergence is the new apocalyptic novel from author A.O. Khalil. It's an action filled tale of sinkholes that have begun appearing in cities across the world. But this doesn't appear to be a natural force or a coincidence as soon people begin to disappear and mysterious entities emerge from the holes with the intention of killing and feeding on the unsuspecting population above.

The story itself is excellent and particularly intriguing and even though it could have very easily have took a familiar turn in this genre it manages to bring plenty of originality and themes to keep the reader interested. Itís taking a different perspective and very much giving us a new apocalyptic twist compared to many of the typical end of world and dystopian type novels Iíve read previously.

One of the main aspects of the novel that does become apparent as you continue through the chapters is the pace which does seem to suffer at points hitting various peaks and troughs. For the most part, particularly when a scene called for a certain level of intensity and descriptive action, the pacing was well suited. Unfortunately it was often bookended by other either slower or even speedier parts which felt much weaker than the others. I can understand the need sometimes particularly in a horror or sci-fi themed story that you need to keep up a frenetic pace throughout to keep the readers interest, but you also have to know when to slow things down so people can catch a breathe. There are many, many characters in the book and trying to keep tabs on each of them can become daunting as the story reached its peak.

This also sadly meant that a lot of dialogue and character developments were a little wishy-washy and it did feel like many of the characters were shoehorned into the story as opposed to them being the main focus and the story working around them instead. Some of the characters were a little more rounded than others but there is certainly a sense that many of them just didnít need to be there at all.

Whilst the story has a very male-orientated feel to it I do wonder if perhaps it may alienate a female audience. It features a great deal of male perspective and often the female characters take too much of a back-seat in the story. But again this is just another example of the underdevelopment of some of the more central characters to the story.

In summary The Emergence is a well conceived, competently written tale of human group survival. Despite its fluctuating pace and muddled character development its strong and interesting story manages to help captivate its audience. It could do with a bit of a polish but is a nice segway into the next release, because although the ending acts somewhat as an intended cliffhanger it does play nicely to help queue up the sequel.

You can now order your copy of 'The Emergence' at Amazon here.

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