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Jurassic Park III
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Jurassic Park III (2001)

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Plot Summary:
"Eight years after the InGen incident, Dr. Alan Grant is happy with his life far from any dinosaurs other than fossilized. Unfortunately, he is extremely short in research money, and therefore accepts the offer of wealthy businessman Paul Kirby: A low flight over isolated Isla Sorna, where InGen's second research site was located, and Dr. Grant can fund his future research for a long time. What Dr. Grant didn't know is that Kirby just needs a dinosaur expert to help him and his wife find their 14-year-old son Eric, who crashed on the island while paragliding. What he did suspect, but never wanted to witness, is that the Velociraptors have evolved into a communicating species (and seemingly all along had the capability to do so), now being smarter than primates."

Reviewer: Nathan Roscoe @horrorasylum
Review Date: 07 May 2002 My Rating: out of 5


# Itís against the rules of filmmaking that this is so good. According to the Law of Diminishing Returns, JP should be a vapid and ill-conceived mess that would kill the franchise forever and leave Spielberg thanking his lucky stars he wasnít behind the camera.

Itís five years after Site B was quarantined and Alan Grant (Neill) is happy to use his toothbrush while digging dino-bones and beg for money from any source so long as his excavations continue. He never wants to see a living dinosaur again. But heís the star of the film, you say. Thatís a situation that cannot last long, surely?

Indeed it doesnít. Along come Mr. and Mrs. Kirby (Macy and Leoni), who are thrill-seekers extraordinaire and want Grant to come along as they fly over Site B, Isla Sorna. Initially resistant, Grantís brain goes ker-ching! when Mr. Kirby opens his cheque book and hands Grant a pen to write down any figure he likes.

But, rest assured, thatís not the whole story. The Kirbysí ride around the island ends with their party of assistants diminished and the remainder having no way out of the Land That Time Wants To Forget.

To this point, the dinosaurs are - mainly - heard and not seen but the rest provides the meat that weíre paying to see. While Macy is brilliant, itís the T-Rexes, the raptors, the Pteranodons and the new Spinosauri you came to watch. The mixture of animatronics and CGI is seamless. Whether fighting each other, stampeding, or after our heroes, theyíre brilliant to watch.

But the stars do hold candles to their post-production colleagues. Neill is fine as the dino expert who realises the danger theyíre all in; Leoni and Macy are great as the exes with a secret and even the kid (Morgan) wipes the floor with the irritating brats from the first two Jurassic Parkís.

As for the story, well, there isnít much of one: people want off Monster Island; monsters want to eat them. The film rattles on pitching its humour and terror nigh on perfect (the... sequence is a particular highlight). That is until the finale, which is all-too-sudden. There needs to be one last mother of a battle that seems almost promised. Ultimately, it leaves a sense of disappointment but, if you love dinosaurs, youíll love this.

'#ccc'>OVERALL SUMMARY As far as creature-features go, JP is a winner. The set pieces are breathtaking (just take a look at the Ďbirdcageí sequence) and the action is spot-on. If only more modern-day sequels could be this good!

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