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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

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Plot Summary:
"It's one year since Halloween 4, and Michael survives being shot by the police. He continues his search for his niece, who is in a childrens' hospital."

Review by
Phil Davies Brown
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Review Date: 28 October 2003 My Rating: out of 5


Obviously in a rush to cash in on the success of the previous entry, this was released a year after part 4 and the fans were not best pleased.

Jamie is now in a hospital for sick children, unable to speak after last Halloween's ordeal. Rachel is terribly worried about Jamie, but with Halloween fast approaching she plans to leave Haddonfield for the weekend, but her friends Tina and Sam have other ideas.

Thought to be rid of Michael Myers the kids plan to have the party to end all parties at the desolate and secluded Tower Farm. Unknown to the teen population of Haddonfield, Michael Myers survived last year's mine explosion and has been living in a cave with a hermit (I know, I know!) and so Michael Myers is back and he's out for revenge!!

Arguably the weakest of the Michael Myers sequels, the film suffers from a TV movie feel. Most of the set pieces look very staged and the look of Michael Myers isn't that good either. Despite such niggling aspects, the film's later scenes at Tower Farm do provide some shocks to hold the viewers interest.

The cast are actually quite good with most of the survivors of part 4 returning and Wendy Kaplan provides a new character for the fans to root for as the zany Tina.

The film upsets fans by killing off a well respected character far too quickly and never really finds it's feet, even the score is quite weak here.

In the end, the film is mildly enjoyable and isn't half as bad as some other series sequels (ahem, Friday the 13th) but you can't help thinking that had the producers taken their time with this it would have been much better.

Reviewer: Josh Winning @horrorasylum
Review Date: 31 October 2001 My Rating: out of 5

# Lots of bad comments have been made about this movie over the years, and after watching Halloween for myself, I consider all disrespecting comments unjust and incorrect. Although it doesn't quite match up to the brilliance of Halloween , this fifth installment in the franchise is still a worthy movie, and contains many a pulse-raising moment - in fact it does seem to be the most emotionally-frightening of the entire series due to the viewer's investment in young Jamie.

Once again Danielle Harris shines as Jamie Lloyd, and she actually manages to top her performance in Halloween as she plays an emotionally and physically exhausted girl who is unable to speak due to the things she has witnessed in her past. Again the audience is able to associate with her innocence and fear, and feel her pain when she is suffering (something which not many actors can pull off successfully without excessive amounts of cheese!).

Also returning was Donald Pleasence as Sam Loomis, who here is particularly dislikable as he bullies Jamie into helping him find her Uncle, and then uses her as bait for Michael. Not nice. But Ellie Cornell was as vibrant and easy on the eyes as usual, and her most effecting scene is one of the movies most shocking.

There have been some noticeable changes in Halloween , and they are most probably the reasons why this installment is put down the most. Michael's mask itself has never looked more ridiculous, as here he comes across as something of a mad scientist with his new 'do, and the Myers' house - which was once a nondescript shack - has become something of a rambling mansion. While the new Myers building is a great setting and has lots of atmosphere to it, fans of the series were no doubt outraged by the sudden change in its appearance.

Although the above bad points were so obvious and no doubt fuelled people's rebellions against this movie, Halloween has more than its fair share of saving graces. Dominique Othenin-Girard's direction keeps with the series' seeming rule of reinvention with each installment, and here the film is both dark and almost spoof-esque while still managing to be undeniably scary at times. The first half of the movie - while pretty slow at times - sets up some great moments for the final showdown. In particular, a scene where Jamie is forced into a laundry shoot with little escape, and a segment within a shadowy barn are the most frightening and innovative of the film.

While the movie sometimes suffers from having to conform the formula set by the previous Halloween installments, Halloween still manages to be a fresh and original movie. As a fourth sequel, it works perfectly.

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