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Seed of Chucky
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Seed of Chucky (2004)

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Plot Summary:
"The killer doll is back! The all-new film is the fifth in the popular series of Chucky ("Child's Play") horror comedies. Making his directorial debut is the franchise creator and writer of all five films, Don Mancini. The film introduces Glen (voiced by "The Lord of the Rings" star Billy Boyd), the orphan doll offspring of the irrepressible devilish-doll-come-to-life Chucky (again voiced by series star Brad Dourif) and his equally twisted bride Tiffany (again voiced by Jennifer Tilly). When production starts on a movie detailing the urban legend of his parents' lethal exploits, Glen heads for Hollywood where he brings his bloodthirsty parents back from the dead. The family dynamics are far from perfect as Chucky and Tiffany go Hollywood and get rolling on a new spree of murderous mayhem; much to gentle Glen's horror. Chucky can't believe that his child doesn't want to walk in his murdering footsteps, and star-struck Tiffany can't believe that the movie will star her favorite actress, Jennifer Tilly (playing herself), who soon becomes an unwitting hostess to this new family in more ways than one."

Review by
Ryan McDonald
Follow me:
Review Date: 03 April 2006 My Rating: out of 5


The meek offspring (voiced by Billy Boyd, a long way from the Shire) of killer dolls Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (voiced by Jennifer Tilly) comes to Hollywood to find his parents. But he is shocked to learn that Chucky and Tiffany (now used as puppets in a Chucky and Tiffany film, starring Jennifer Tilly as a bizarro version of herself) are sadistic killers. He's also somewhat gender confused, two things that his/her Old Man (ie. Chucky) finds hard to deal with. Meanwhile, Tiffany unsuccessfully tries to kick her killing 'habit' for her child. S Club 7 poptart Hannah Spearitt plays Tilly's long-suffering PA, rapper Redman is the director (!) of the movie, and cult filmmaker John Waters turns up as a sleazy papparazzo.

Enjoyable directorial debut for 'Child's Play' series creator Don Mancini, but this 2004 fifth instalment finally crosses the line from horror, through horror-comedy, into straight-out yukfest. Yes, it's funny, but so was the first film, and it also gave us what I consider to be among the top 5 horror films of all-time (I find dolls to be rather frightening, much like guys in innocent-looking masks, particular clown masks). This one just never takes itself the slightest bit seriously, so that I kinda felt a little detached, actually, if still quite amused.

Jennifer Tilly is extraordinary playing an unflattering depiction of herself (lots of fat jokes and references to her greatest 'exposure' in 'Bound') in this admittedly uninspired 'New Nightmare'-type of movie-within-a-movie flick. But although Billy Boyd is quite effective as the effete, Ed Wood inspired gender-confused offspring Glen/Glenda, a further problem emerges. With Tilly as herself, Tilly as Tiffany, Boyd as Glen/Glenda, and characters played by Redman, Hannah Spearitt, John Waters, et al, there's precious little screen time for the series' most important, interesting, and entertaining character, Chucky. Brad Dourif is his usual excellent self as Chucky's voice, and the animatronics are so damn good that I seriously doubted that CGI wasn't used, but Chucky just isn't a dominant force here. With his combo of humour and malevolence being given short shrift, the whole film just seems like a put-on (in fact, it seems more like a mix of Tim Burton, Charles Band, and James Whale at times), but unlike most parodies, there appears to be a plot here. And if we can't take that plot at all seriously since the filmmakers haven' puts this one on a lower standing than the previous films, I'm afraid.

The screenplay could've used a rewrite, really as the film plays more like an unstructured collection of freakish images and ideas- you've got the killer dolls, the wonderfully shrill Tilly (Tiffany later notes of Tilly 'Oh my god, she's a complete slut!'), exploitation auteur Waters (having a ball, and getting burned by acid in one of the film's highlights), a twisted Britney Spears gag, Tiffany exposing her rather large breasts, Chucky masturbating to Fangoria (which must be some kind of milestone in cinema!) and a nice decapitation (that isn't as enjoyable as the aftermath. You'll see what I mean).

Somewhat engaging (hey, Santa gets slashed after about 15 minutes, so that's something!), film buffs will enjoy the horror references and spoofs (the opening stalk-and-kill is an amusing mixture of the usual 'Child's Play' dolls-eye view and the opening scene of 'Halloween', whilst the film's highlight is probably an homage to an infamous moment in 'Chinatown'), but I'm betting the 'Glen or Glenda?' elements fly right over mainstream audiences heads. It just should've been better, and couldn't they have taken it even a little seriously?

Reviewer: Phil Davies Brown @horrorasylum
Location:Scotland, UK
Review Date: 03 May 2005 My Rating: out of 5

When I first saw 'Bride of Chucky' I was sorely disappointed as the evil doll who had haunted my nightmares throughout my childhood had become a wisecracking clown. Repeat viewings however won me over and I soon began to accept the new direction that the franchise had undertaken. I'm pleased to report that I now knew what to expect from Chucky and it ensured that I found this instantly enjoyable.

Essentially a one woman show, Seed of Chucky is all about Jennifer Tilly and she really has fun with it. For anyone not in the know, Seed revolves around the making of a film about the notorious killer dolls which stars Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany.

The production is using the real dolls who had been found at the scene of several murders in New Jersey. Chucky and Tiffany's gender confused child tracks them down to Hollywood and resurrects them. The film then takes a darkly comic look at the family and the film industry.

Jennifer Tilly looks fabulous and is at her absolute comedic best here. There are all sorts of jokes made about her weight, voice, talent, career and she makes every one of them work perfectly.

The film definitely takes you on a fun ride but it did have a few flaws in my opinion. The most obvious one for me was the not so good CG, as I still maintain that CG only works when you don't know it's there. The second surprise was that the main cast including Chucky are hardly in the movie at all. John Waters, Redman and Hannah Spearitt have about 3 scenes each, probably totalling about 10 minutes screen time so that was a little surprising considering how much of the film's hype was about the great cast it had attracted.

On the plus side, the deaths are great, Chucky and Tiffany have some amazingly hysterical lines and they don't hold back on the gore (although they probably only got away with it because of the film's humourous tone).

The only thing that I really couldn't get past was that Billy Boyd voiced Glen, as it kind of took me out of the movie because I couldn't stop picturing him recording his dialogue.

Seed of Chucky is lots of fun but I'm afraid that the character of Chucky will never again be the menacing being that he was. If you're expecting a serious horror movie you'll be sorely disappointed, but if you enjoyed 'Bride of Chucky' and like gory horror comedies you'll love this.

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