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Prey (2007)

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Plot Summary:
"An American family on holiday in Africa becomes lost in a game reserve and stalked by lions."

Review by
Phil Davies Brown
Follow me:
Review Date: 01 December 2010 My Rating: out of 5


Bridget Moynahan stars in this thriller about a woman and her step-kids who go on an off-road safari in South Africa only to find themselves trapped in the vehicle when their guide is eaten by a pride of Lions.

The film starts out like any other creature feature apart from the fact that it adds a human drama element (which works well) and then we’re right into the action.

Moynahan and the rest of the cast do well but it’s really all about the lions and boy are they scary. Jumping, running, leaping these bad boys do it all and the action is expertly intercut making it look as though the cast are in real danger.

This is what Burning Bright should have been. I wouldn’t rush out and buy a copy, but if it appears on TV late one night you should definitely check it out.

Reviewer: Ryan McDonald @horrorasylum
Location:Sydney, Australia
Review Date: 12 March 2009 My Rating: out of 5

Dad Peter Weller has recently divorced from mom, and has taken his disagreeable kids (Carly Schroeder and Conner Dowds) to South Africa, along with his hot new girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, whom the kids are incredibly hostile towards. Whilst dad is away on business-related matters, Moynahan takes the kids on a safari. When Dowds’ ill-timed bathroom break sees their tour guide eaten by some nearby hungry lions, the not-so happy family find themselves in deep trouble.

It really surprises me that there aren’t more lion movies out there (the last one I remember was “The Ghost and the Darkness”), and this low-budget, Darrell James Roodt flick proves that you can make a pretty darn watchable (if not greater) B-horror/thriller with ravenous, man-eating lions.

Unfortunately, the film comes with some drawbacks. Weller, a terrific B-actor, is barely featured, and when he is, he’s mostly involved in superfluous scenes used to give us a breather from the main action.

Secondly, these are some truly stupid people, and it hurts the tension of the film a bit. I mean, turning the headlights on whilst stranded amongst a pack of ferocious predators? Driving like a complete maniac long past the point where it is necessary? (and thus causing an accident that puts them back to square one! They’re lions, not Raptors!). Moynahan fares well(despite her character’s stupidity), in fact, I’ve never seen her better (Or hotter, for that matter. Must be the light brown hair colour).

But look, this is what it is, and fans of this sort of thing will like it, and I appreciated it a lot more than I anticipated. And the film deserves credit for a genuinely good use of the shaky-cam technique that so often irritates. Here, it works, not only to help with the thrills and tension, but to hide the low-budget (like I said, real lions seemed to have been used most of the time, I doubt they were real all of the time, though).

A flawed, but tense, well-made lion horror/thriller with results exceeding expectations considering the low-budget and sometimes annoying characters.

Blood and Guts: Comments


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