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Km 31
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Km 31 (2006)

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Plot Summary:
"While driving through the kilometer 31 of a lonely road, Agata Hameran hits a boy. She leaves her car to help the victim and another car runs over her and she falls in a deep coma. Her twin sister Catalina telepathically feels the pain of Agata and hears her whispering for help. Together with her boyfriend Nuno and Agata's mate Omar, they return to the km 31 of the road, and find out that the place is surrounded by supernatural accidents caused by the ghost of a mother that lost her boy many years ago. Further, Catalina discloses that the spirit of Agata is trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead."

Review by
Phil Davies Brown
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Review Date: 09 April 2008 My Rating: out of 5


This Mexican chiller begins as Agata runs down a young child near the KM31 marker on the highway. Frightened, she calls her boyfriend Omar for help and he hears her being hit by a truck. At the same time, Agataís identical twin sister Catalina receives a vision of the accident (which occurs near her home) and runs to the scene where she finds her sister. Agata is rushed to hospital but in order to save her, doctors have to amputate both legs, which sends her into a deep coma. Catalina, Omar and Catalinaís boyfriend Nuno decide to head out to KM31 to try and find the child who caused the accident to happen, but the trio could never have prepared for what they uncover.

A hit in its native Mexico, KM31 managed to achieve international interest and secure a UK theatrical release at the end of last year. Now out on DVD, KM31 has proved popular amongst genre critics.

The film is very well made with gorgeous photography, eerie locations, good performances and effects work of a very high standard, but itís not exactly Panís Labyrinth. Whilst that is perhaps an unfair analogy for me to use as this film isnít even on the same scale, nor does it proclaim to be, Iím merely trying to highlight that whilst the film is good, itís not nearly groundbreaking enough to have warranted the buzz outside of itís own country.

The story is the strongest aspect here but even that is not totally original, as it essentially follows the conventions of many previous ghost stories found in the works of Guillermo del Toro and Jaume Balaguero (who themselves have previously recycled ideas) and even utilizes concepts and ideas found in Asian horror movies.

KM31 is a good film but I feel it has only become popular internationally due to the current appeal of Spanish horror. Worth a rental, but I personally wouldnít have rushed to the cinema to see it.

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