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Aimee Lynn Chadwick

Aimee Lynn: "My agent called me, knowing
I LOVE horror".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
October 12th, 2005

To kick off some really BIG exclusive interviews this month for some of the genre's most anticipated movies, I sat down for a one on one with the coolest chick I've met in months. Aimee Lynn Chadwick is cute as a button and multi-talented to boot but scores extra points for being a huge fan of the horror genre and for starring in both Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5 which are set to premiere on Sci-Fi this weekend in the US. Read on to see why you should cancel your plans and stay home this weekend to watch ROTLD 4&5.

How did you get into acting?
I got into acting when I was very young. I used to take classes, did a lot of community theatre, drove to New York City for auditions or anything I could do to absorb myself in it. It is something I have always wanted to do. After high school I attended the Boston Conservatory in Boston Ma, majoring in musical theatre. While attending classes there I grew bored and realized my prior 10 years of education was sufficient enough for me to throw myself out there and see where I could go with it. So, I upped and moved to Los Angeles, which was a blind move, considering I had no job, car or place to stay, once I got there. On top of that I only had a hundred dollars in my pocket and unfortunately I'm not umbilically attached to a parentís credit card. Everything managed to work out though.

You will soon be popular amongst horror fans when the horror sequels ROTLD 4 & 5 are released. How did you get the part of Becky Carlton?
I scored the part of Becky while recuperating in bed after a freak accident on the set of a show I had hosted. My agent called me, knowing I LOVE horror, and told me of the audition. I was still on crutches with a broken pelvis and was told by doctors not to move. I could not pass up this audition so I begged my agent to let me go. I told him I was fine. I got some bloody pictures of myself; even an albino afro-disco zombie pic a friend of mine had taken of me, loaded them up in my Texas Chainsaw Massacre lunch box and painfully hobbled into the audition. Prior to going in the room I sucked up the pain and ditched the crutches. There I met with Anatoly and the rest is history:)

Are you a fan of horror movies and had you seen the previous ROTLD movies?
I am definitely a HUGE fan of horror movies. I used to fall asleep to ROTLD every night. I have seen all the previous movies, but I will say the first one will always be my favorite. With the whole punk rock feel, the dog, and my favorite part...the old lady and her spinal fluid dripping out on the metal exam table..."THE PAAAAIIIIINN....." It's just funny.

What can you tell us about the plot of the new movies and how your character Becky fits into the story?
Necropolis has Julian's uncle working at hybra-tech. After an injury a friend of the "crew" gets taken away in an ambulance and Julian, Becky, Cory and Carlos, all race to try and rescue their friend Zeke. Once there it's the kids running from the undead.

Aimee Lynn: "It was all over my shoes and soooo disgusting".

What was it about the script that captured your attention?
First thing that captured my attention was the title. Itís a cult classic. Also, I enjoyed the whole idea of these zombies that are being altered by government experiments.

What was it like shooting for three months in Romania?
Shooting in Romania was the most amazing experience. There were times of confusion, with the language barrier and all, not to mention times of being hungry, homesick, bored and frustrated, but, those are things that can happen shooting a film anywhere. I made the most of my trip and met people. I found the best local night spots, not to mention the cast and crew we had just got along terrific so it was a great support system, everyone was so much fun.

Do you have any funny stories from the set to share with us?
Well, being on set all those months there was bound to be a handful of funny moments. A few I can recall had to do with rain. Kind of embarrassing, but it was down pouring severely and I had to run to my trailer quickly and try not to ruin continuity by getting too wet. Of course the combination of me, being graceful as I am, and the large quantity of stray dogs in Bucharest, you can imagine the outcome when my feet came in contact with a certain substance and I went sliding for a good 10 feet. It was all over my shoes and soooo disgusting. The wardrobe girls, God bless them, raced to my aid and helped me wash my feet off. It was kind of difficult not to laugh. hmmm...I guess you had to be there.

How did you cope with the challenge of filming two movies back to back? Did it ever get confusing?
There were moments when we had to start the day in one mind set and wardrobe, and change into the other movieís wardrobe and get into what was going on in that one. It did get a little confusing but things really got better once Tom Callaway came to the set. He was amazing at getting our mind set at where it was supposed to be.

Did you have many scenes with Peter Coyote and if so what was he like to work with?
I had a few scenes with Peter. All of which involved traveling through hybra-tech and discovering the zombies. Peter was great to work with. The last night he was on set was when we were at the old prison. That was also a rainy, crazy night. We get there and the weather is perfect. Once night hit, it started down pouring with insane thunder and lightning. It was straight out of a horror movie, however, scarier because it was the real thing! Knowing the past of this communist prison made it creepier. The crew put up a tarp to cover the set from the rain and all that did was collect the rain and eventually send a tidal wave of water onto the set. It was fantastic. Needless to say it was a long night but Peter helped keep us in good spirits. We were all frozen, tired and drenched but it was fun.

Aimee Lynn: "Becky tries to be a little cooler".

Do you think fans of the series will enjoy the new sequels?
I certainly hope they enjoy them! The thing is, you can't take this kind of movie so serious. It's not meant to be. If they watch it with an understanding that this is not and never will be ROTLD 1, that it is a movie all on its own, then they should enjoy it. I understand the want of comparison, but no matter what you try and do in the eyes of a fan nothing will ever be the same as the original. Itís not supposed to be, so I say sit back, have fun, and enjoy the gore!!!!

Which of the two movies do you prefer or is it just like one big movie?
I like them both in different ways, in Necropolis Becky gets to use a lot of weapons, she is a complete nerd. The scene she is introduced in is one of my favorites. Then in Rave, I like how it's more colorful, centered on Halloween, so there is that whole feel. Becky tries to be a little cooler. I also like Rave because in one scene, there is a pool party, and it was filmed on my birthday. Anatoly surprised me with a wine toast and the most delicious cake I have ever eaten. It was a great memory, and awesome of him to do with me being so far away from home. So I immediately remember that and smile when I think of Rave.

I believe you also contributed to the soundtrack for part 5? Is music something which you have always enjoyed?
I was lucky enough to get one of my songs in part 5. I believe it plays in the scene where Becky "parks" with her boyfriend. Music is something that has always gone hand in hand with my acting. I grew up doing musical theatre and just submerging myself in the arts anyway I could to be an all around performer.

What's the latest on the release details? Some people can't seem to decide if they are going to be released theatrically, straight to DVD or if they will premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel?
Your guess is as good as mine! I was informed a few weeks ago that they are supposed to still be going theatrical on limited release. I also heard of a widespread international release. Also, Sci-Fi's website is showing it to premier on their station OCT. 15th back to back. Iím hoping to get more info soon.

Can horror fans expect to see you in the genre again soon?
Most definitely. Iím attached to a great project called SK8er 666 with X3 Entertainment. We are just waiting for funding to get the ball really rolling. I Love this genre so I try and go out for it as much as possible.

What will you be working on in the near future?
I have a couple things Iím looking at, nothing set in stone as of yet, and of course on my down time I rock out and do gigs with my band CHASING AIMEE. You can check out our website at www.chasingaimee.net or hear some music at www.myspace.com/chasingaimee

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Aimee Lynn.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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