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Carrie Anne Fleming

Carrie: "Once I turned ten I realized you could be paid to play".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
October 28th, 2005

As any horror fan worth their salt will know, today marks the release of two very important genre projects. The first is Saw II which hits theatres today, but many genre fans are most excited about Showtime's Masters of Horror series, which debuts tonight with Don Coscarelli's 'Incident on and off a Mountain Road'.

To coincide with the series launch date, I chatted to a fresh face in the form of the very talented and lovely Carrie Anne Fleming, who plays the title role of Jennifer in the Dario Argento directed episode of MOH.

Carrie Anne is set to make it big with horror fans as she has backed up her role in MOH by appearing in the forthcoming horror flick The Tooth Fairy, which is set for release in 2006.

Read on for all the gossip on both MOH and The Tooth Fairy and look out for this breath taking beauty as she storms her way to horror stardom.

What made you want to pursue acting as a career?
I spent a bunch of time on my own as a kid so make believe was always a great escape. Once I turned ten I realized you could be paid to play. That's when I decided to pursue it.

How did you go about getting into the industry? Did you study or do any training?
I did theatre programs, plays, and would assist with acting workshops in high school for younger kids. The day I graduated from high school I left for Vancouver British Columbia. I had a lot of trouble landing an agent, getting into the union, and getting work. The only representation I could get was an exotic dancing agent that told me he was trying to break into the acting market. He represented me for extra work until I had enough credits to leave and join the UBCP/ACTRA union. I've trained at many schools in Vancouver and a few in LA. I've found my home base for classes now at Lyric School for Actors. It's run by 2 great women and it's a very safe environment to let it all go.

You moved around a lot as a child and your dad was also a model, did that stand you in good stead for all the traveling and crazy hours associated with acting?
It did. I missed a lot of school, but I can function in any foreign location. I can't do fractions or long division but I can make friends in any country and feel comfortable in any land.

What can you tell us about the Bloodsuckers project?
I have a small pivotal role as Damian's wife. Dominic Zamprogna who played Damian was great to work with. It was a flash back scene where Damian is remembering his wife. It's a touching scene.

Carrie: "It was my very first love scene and I have to say I was quite nervous".

Was it fun to work on?
It was my very first love scene and I have to say I was quite nervous. I've kissed before but it sure is different to do it for the camera. The Director Matt Hastings was the best. He closed the set, set up candles and made it very romantic. Dominic is easy on the eyes and was a complete gentleman. Funny thing happened though. When I arrived on set to film our scene Matt had this great CD playing by the artist KUBA. I had been listening to it all summer and was playing it in my trailer to get myself in the mood. The funny part was the CD wasn't available in stores yet. When I said "Is this KUBA?" And he said "Yes" I said “I’m listening to this in my trailer"... Well the synchronicity was overwhelming to say the least and Matt and I just stared at each other in wonder. So I felt very comfortable straight away and we dove into the scene.

Did you get on well with the rest of the cast and crew?
Totally. Dominic and I still chat on the phone. We don't get to hang out too much because we're both so busy but it is nice to touch base. Matt Hastings and I run into each other at KUBA shows. We dance up a storm and drink and laugh.

Did you share any scenes with AJ Cook or Natassia Malthe? Both are highly regarded amongst genre fans.
I've watched AJ Cook grow over the years into a really beautiful woman. I didn't share any scenes but I did meet her on the day and she was lovely. I look forward to working with her in the future though.

You will next be seen in the MASTERS OF HORROR episode entitled Jennifer which was directed be Dario Argento. How did you get the part?
I was blindsided really. I got the call that I needed to be at a hotel by the airport in an hour. I walked into a room with oh I'd say at least five producers, Dario and his interpreter and a few assistants. I could tell that it was all a test, from the moment I entered. Jennifer is a monster really. But a sexy monster. I figured a sexy monster would just be. She shouldn't have to have posture, or be shy or even gracious. She would be raw. So I looked everyone directly in the eye when they would speak to me as if I was already in character. I entered with power. I entered ready for a physical fight. I entered strong. Dario gave me the script, I ran home and read it and then we had one more audition where I did a scene with Executive producer Andrew Deane. Then Dario called me in one more time to speak with only him. He is such a passionate man and wanted to know he could count on me to pull it through. I promised him I would not let him down, and he gave me the role!

What can you tell us about your episode?
Jennifer is based on one of the Creepy Comic Books. A comic series from the 70's. Jennifer has a horribly disfigured face but a body to die for. She is vulnerable and very sad. Steven Weber's character saves her from certain death and brings her home. Only to quickly develop a desire to make love with her. Only making love to Jennifer is sort of a kin to taking a rollercoaster ride with spikes in the seats. You love it, but know its bad for you. It makes you feel sick but you keep coming back for more. On top of all that Jennifer has an insatiable appetite for flesh and blood. Steven's character notices his attraction is not healthy and has to work out why he is so attracted to this big beautiful mess of a monster.

Did you find it challenging to play a character who never speaks, whilst having to work with a Director who speaks a different language?
It was so fun to come up with Jennifer's language of grunts and snorts and low hums. It was amazing because Dario said "You invent!" So I got to run with it. Which was a real joy. Dario and I were able to communicate extremely well. I could just look into his eyes and he knew I understood. Once I misunderstood some direction and did a scene different than it was supposed to be. After the cut everyone laughed and was joking about how much I misunderstood. Dario raised his voice very loudly and pointing to everyone dramatically "NO SHE UNDERSTANDS. CARRIE ANNE UNDERSTANDS!" And they left the scene the way I did it. Dario appreciated that I could work under extreme circumstances and has asked me to do some more work with him in the future.

What was the vibe like on set?
It was tense at first. I mean I've got this prosthetic face on and these monster teeth with drool coming off of them most of the time, so I wasn't too welcome at the lunch truck to say the least. The crew was working really hard and the last thing they needed was a diva coming to set. Dario said that every time I came onto set it would light up. I feel it's the actor's job to not only perform in their role but to heal a wounded set. I hope I left people there with a good vibe. I came away with a wealth of knowledge and a great respect for the crew that work their butt off for our entertainment.

Carrie: "Mick Garris is so genuine
and such a rock".

Did you meet Mick and Cynthia Garris and what did you think of them?
Mick Garris is so genuine and such a rock. He is the center of a storm and you can see he has love for his wife Cynthia, his career, his crew and a genuine lust for life. He's a gentle soul in this crazy business. I feel very blessed to have worked with both of them. I sat with them at the screening of Jennifer. We drank wine and giggled at parts. They’re just a really nice couple.

You also appear in THE TOOTH FAIRY which will be released in 2006. What can you tell fans about that project?
The Tooth Fairy is a take on our old favorite fable of leaving your teeth under a pillow to receive money from a beautiful fairy that collects teeth from good little children. Well in this movie the Tooth Fairy is a real cranky bitch.

How did you get the part of Star?
I got the part of Star Roberts the usual way. I auditioned for Chuck Bowman and after the read he said "Great! No notes. Could you do the next scene?" I came back for the call back and I just felt the character inside of me. The words flowed out so easy. Some roles you’re just meant to have. I was meant for Star.

Is the film anyway connected to Darkness Falls?
I don't know if I can talk about it. Apparently there was some court stuff involved. I believe it's all settled now but it’s better to not speak of stuff I don't know the whole story of.

The film has a talented cast which includes Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West and Jesse Hutch; did you enjoy working with everyone?
Lochlyn Munro is such a pro it’s scary. Chandra is so beautiful and kind it's hard not to stare at her all the time. Jesse Hutch is gorgeous. Flat out gorgeous. Chandra though was really special. Every scene that I had with her I would get goose bumps. I feel a kinship with her because I had met her before when I was an extra in a Chuck Bowman MOW that she was the lead in. When we talked I felt she was trying to get to know me for real. In this business the women can be catty and competitive as a protection device. I never felt that from her. It was a calm, lovely set to be on. I miss her a lot.

Would you say you are a fan of scary movies and if so what are some of your favorites?
All of Sam Raimi’s Evil dead films. Howard Berger from MOH worked on those films so I felt lucky to have him placing my prosthetic on everyday. I enjoy scary movies so much but I still can't watch them alone. There's a great film called "THEY" or a new one out called "BOOGEYMAN" that I liked. It's hard when I'm asked that question because I could list movies for days.

Finally, where can audiences expect to see you next and will you be in any more horror movies?
Dario has asked me to work on a couple other projects with him and I assume they will be scary because that is his forte. Publicity for Jenifer will begin soon and Masters of Horror will be doing a Women of Masters of Horror calendar and trading cards or something. I look forward to going to Comic Con next year for promotion. I'll be seen in the new film for Bright lights called IN THE NAME OF THE KING with Jason Statham as well as the Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Justin Timberlake feature EDISON.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Carrie.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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