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Christine Quinn


An Interview With Christine Quinn
Interview conducted by Steven Davies
September 8, 2011

With what seems like an unending heap of horror work on the go at the moment we managed to squeeze in some time with the gorgeous Christine Quinn, star of new shark flick 'Shark Night 3D'. We discuss her experiences on the David R Ellis helmed movie, out next week, as well as her other upcoming projects 'Humans Versus Zombies' and of course the Alin Bijan ghost story 'The Ghost of Goodnight Lane' co-starring alongside Danielle Harris.

Christine: "It's a little hard to train a 2000lb Great White".

'Shark Night 3D' hits theatres across the UK on 30 September. What can people expect that might differ from other shark attack movies out there?
The 3D in Shark Night is really cool. It was shot using actual 3D cameras as opposed to being converted in post. So the result is really eye-popping 3D effects. It was so fun to shoot with them because youíre actually able to watch your scene in 3D right after its shot.

I actually have quite a fear of sharks, but it won't stop me seeing the movie. How did you enjoy working on the project and did you happen to get up close and personal with real sharks or was it all CGI and fakery?
Well we were going to use real sharks, but it turns out itís a little hard to train a 2000 lb. Great White. But we had the next best thing, free-swimming animatronic sharks. They swam by themselves and they looked really real. They kind of reminded me of big water dogs.

Christine: "Jess is basically just a cute girl".

Christine: "Working on the 3D was really intense".

Could you tell us a little about your character Jess?
Jess is basically just a cute girl whoís enjoying a day at the lake with her boyfriend. Sheís just goofing around with her guy having a great time when suddenlyÖwell Iíll let your readers check it out for themselves.

From various promotional stills and trailers for the movie it's clear that your face-to-face time with the shark doesnít look like itíll end well for you. Without giving too much away how much of the movie do you actually appear in?
I open up the movie and set the scene for whatís to come. You do see me a little bit later, but unfortunately not alive.

How was it working on a 3D movie, and of course with the director David R. Ellis and your fellow cast members?
Working on the 3D was really intense. They shoot with 3 cameras to create the effect, which can be a little intimidating when your being pulled around underwater on harnesses by a crew of stunt guys.

David is absolutely amazing and I couldnít have asked for a better director. David really knows how to bring out the best in his actors and I feel like I really grew as an actor for the opportunity to work with him.

Can you tell us a little more about your recent project 'Humans Versus Zombies'?
Humans Versus Zombies is going to be a really fun movie. Itís based off a video game and is basically your classic zombie film with a little humor thrown in. I play the girl who brings the infection back to the mainland. So it was a nice change of pace from Shark Night 3D; I get to do the eating instead of being the eaten!

Christine: "I get to do the eating instead of being the eaten!".

You're currently working on Alin Bijan's 'The Ghost of Goodnight Lane' and we understand the story is based upon a 'true life' ghost experience that Alin himself experienced?
Yes, the movie is based off Alin and others experiences in the haunted studio where we filmed the movie. And after filming there I can tell you that there are definitely some unseen cast members in the building, needless to say I made sure I was never walking around alone.

Christine: "I made sure I was never walking around alone".

With a handful of 'horror' related credits now under your belt do you think you'd be willing to accept a modern-day 'Scream Queen' label? And would you consider more genre projects in the future?
I love the horror genre and would love to do more. As for being a Scream Queen, Iíd be honored to have the title, but I donít know if Iím quite on the level of the classic Scream Queens just yet, but itís definitely something to aspire to!

Christine: "I absolutely love horror films!".

Do you enjoy horror movies? And if so, what particular movies scare you the most?
I absolutely love horror films! I think the scariest ones are the ones that deal with paranormal activity or psychological thrillers I do feel like ghosts are out there so they really creep me out because you feel like maybe it could happen.

And finally Christine what does the future hold in terms of movie and TV projects?
Hopefully the future holds a lot. Acting has always been something Iíve truly loved and I feel like when you follow your passion you can never go wrong. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with such great people and for the opportunities Iíve had so far and am definitely optimistic about the future.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Christine.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

Christine: "Acting has always been something Iíve truly loved".

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