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Crystal Lowe

Crystal: "I love entertaining and being in
front of a camera".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
December 20th, 2006

Crystal Lowe is everyones newest favourite Scream Queen. In the past year she has appeared in Final Destination 3, Scary Movie 4, Snakes on a Plane and an episode of Masters of Horror. As if things couldn't get any better for us horror fans and for the lady herself, UK readers will be able to see her on the big screen once more this weekend as Black Christmas hits cinemas.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Crystal to ask her about her roles in Black X-mas and Wrong Turn 2 and was pleased to discover what a lovely and level headed young person she is. Read on for all the latest news on some of the hottest new horror movies.

What came first, modeling or acting and how did you get into acting?
Acting actually came first, I was 5 when I started out in the business and I loved every minute of it, but my mother was worried about the pressure that auditions and the competitive nature of the business would put on me. She continued to let me do church plays but told me that I couldnít go back into professional acting until I was old enough to really understand what it was. Needless to say I returned and havenít looked back since. Modeling was really just an outlet for me, I love entertaining and being in front of a camera and doing fashion shows or photo shoots gave me that opportunity.

Like most young actresses, you started out in TV and then steadily climbed your way up the ladder of success through TV movies to straight to video and DVD features to big screen success. Have you enjoyed your relatively quick climb up the ladder of success?
To call it a quick climb would be a lie. I have been working hard at this for years and I really hope that when people read this that they will understand that success rarely comes overnight. You just hear about people overnight, they have all been doing it for years. However the last two years have been amazing for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

How important are the lessons you have learned along the way?
Unbelievably important! I remember my parents always saying I wish I had known then what I know now. I used to shrug them off but now I understand. I regret very little in my life but one of the things that I would have focused on more were my acting classes. I am addicted to learning now and the one thing I have come to know is that you can never have enough knowledge.

Crystal: "I go with what I feel at that moment".

What is your work ethic? Are you a great believer in formal training and studying as well as hands on experience, or do you feel that talent alone is enough?
I believe that itís different for everyone. I know actors who have had no training at all and work everyday. On the same note I know actors out there that have all the training in the world and never work. The first job I had was a guest star on a show called Stargate. I had studied a bit and really thought I knew what I was doing and then I got on set. I had no clue what I was doing and I really had to take a step back and watch the others to understand the entire process, and I donít just mean the other actors, I am talking about the entire crew. There is so much that goes on from lighting to direction that you need to understand to be a good actor. For me personally I needed both. I still study with an amazing teacher and I still listen and ask questions whilst I am on set. Looks and talent can get you in the door but they canít always keep you there.

You seem to have that rare ability to make a great impression on audiences regardless of whether you have a lead or a supporting part. What ultimately helps you choose whether a role is worth accepting or not?
If I read a script and think one of two things: this will be a blast to do or this is so challenging, then I will do it. I go with the flow, and I go with what I feel at that moment.

You worked extensively in a number of high profile projects such as the Get Carter remake and Insomnia before you caught the attention of many horror fans with your role in Final Destination 3. How did you land the role of Ashlyn?
Well it was in my cards I guess. I was in the waiting room of the audition when I ran into Chelan Simmons. Chelan and I had seen each other before but never really talked apart from a quick hello here and there. It was her third time reading and she couldnít understand why they kept bringing her back. When I asked her what role she was reading for she said Ashley. Since we were both reading opposite characters we decided to practice together. We had instant chemistry and when they brought us in together it showed. We later found out that they had already decided on her and were looking for that perfect match. She is now one of my closest friends and I am so happy it worked out this way.

So you and Chelan knew each other before FD3?
We knew each other a little, but spending 15 hour days together brought us a lot closer.

The film was hugely successful and you followed it up with roles in Scary Movie 4, Snakes on a Plane and were also seen in an episode of Masters of Horror. Are you a fan of the horror genre?
I am a fan of the horror genre, but I will be honest with you; I am also scared to death when I watch horror flicks. I have to analyze them and look for make-up tricks and special effects so that I can get through the movies without jumping out of my seat.

Crystal: "They are amazing writers".

Did you enjoy working on Scary Movie 4? The series seems to go from strength to strength.
It was a blast to work on, mainly because I had done so many real horrors. It was nice to do a comedy that made fun of them.

Everyone loved your part in Snakes on a Plane, were you excited to be a part of one of the most hotly anticipated films ever released?
I couldnít believe how hyped people were to see it. It was so much fun to be a part of and definitely something that I will always remember.

You recently completed work on your first lead role in the upcoming remake of Black Christmas. What was the movie like to work on?
I wish that I was still working on it. I love working with Glen Morgan and Jim Wong. They are amazing writers, directors and all around great guys.

Fans of the original film are anxious to see if the remake does it justice. Do you think fans of the original will be pleased with the end result?
I do think that they will be pleased with it, but keep in mind that this is a new script and it wasnít made to out do the original. It was made because Glen and Jim loved it so much that they wanted to make their own.

You followed up your role in Black Christmas by starring in the hugely anticipated Wrong Turn 2. Had you seen the first movie before the offer came in?
I had not seen the first movie, but I had heard good things. I was very excited to work on it once I actually saw the film.

What can you tell us about your character?
I am the girl that you love to hate. Women will want to see me die after some of the stuff I pull. I love playing those characters; they are so much more fun than the nice girl.

Would you say the film will match the spirit of the first?
Yes, the director is making his debut on this film and he has made sure that everything will be exactly what fans are looking for.

Whatís next? It looks like the next few months are going to be an exciting time for you.
I just worked with Chelan Simmons again on a comedy called Good Luck Chuck and also did a cameo on Fantastic Four 2, so keep your eyes open and let me know what you think. As for right now, it has been a very busy year and I just look forward to getting some R&R.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Crystal.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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