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Dan Richardson

Dan: "It's very exciting to know that the public will
be watching our film".

Dan Richardson
Interview conducted by Steven Davies
12 April 2012

'The Harsh Light of Day' is the debut feature from British filmmaker Oliver S. Milburn which finally seems to be giving vampires an unholy edge once again. Actor Dan Richardson plays writer Daniel whose family is the victim of a brutal attack which leaves him paralysed and his wife murdered. Daniel then meets Infurnari, a Vampire, willing to help bring revenge on Daniel's attackers but at the great cost of his soul. Dan has taken the time out to speak with us here at the Horror Asylum about his experiences on the project which opens in UK theatres this June.

How did you get involved with 'The Harsh Light of Day'?
It was a total fluke actually. While Multistory Films were busy casting The Harsh Light Of Day, I was shooting a movie in Canada for a month and surfing in Costa Rica for a month after that. Apparently they were having trouble finding anyone to play the role of Daniel Shergold and literally on the day I got home from Costa Rica I received an email inviting me to audition for the role. Two days later I auditioned, later that same week I was at the call back and two weeks after that we started principal photography.

Could you explain a little about the relationship between your character Daniel and Infurnari (played by Giles Alderson)?
Daniel is at an all-time low and has essentially given up on life. He doesn't really have the resolve or energy to dispute Infurnari's sudden arrival on the scene and it's all a bit confusing for Daniel because he really doesn't understand who this man is, how he possibly thinks he can help, or why he'd even want to. But Daniel is so broken and his situation is so helpless that when Infurnari suggests the possibility of justice and revenge, Daniel is more than willing to sign his life away. even though he really has no idea of what he's getting in to. There's a very interesting dynamic between the two characters because, as he begins to realise who and what Infurnari is, Daniel has massive internal conflict - he's morally opposed to Infurnari's way of life but he also knows it's exactly that which offers his only real chance of the retribution he so desperately craves. And Infurnari, regardless of what he is, demonstrates some admirable qualities and real compassion, so it's hard to figure him out.

Dan: "Daniel is at an all-time low and has
essentially given up on life".

The movie contains some strong themes and violent imagery, how was your experiences working with the other actors in these such intense scenes?
When it came to those kind of scenes, everyone was totally on the same page and I think we were able to take ourselves to some pretty dark places because of it. Usually we'd all hang out in the green room together having a great laugh, but ahead of those intense scenes we'd separate ourselves for a while and get really psyched up in our own ways. Then when we came together on set to shoot the scene there was a real divide between them and me. We'd be in character and we'd stay in character while the crew set up the shots. We just tried to build the intensity as much as possible by saying all kinds of utterly horrific things to each other. Then Ollie would wrap the scene and we'd hug it out...bunch of softies really.

Could you ever sacrifice your own soul for revenge?
Good question! It seems to me that none of us really know how we'd react to something until we're actually in the situation. As much as I can't (thankfully) relate to the circumstances Daniel finds himself in, if I was really that broken and had nothing left to live for, then yes, I probably could. Easy to say that now though. Ask me again when someone actually gives me that choice for real and I'll probably cry like a baby and say no.

Dan: "We just tried to build the intensity as much as possible".

How have you enjoyed travelling around promoting 'The Harsh Light of Day' and how excited are you by its announced June UK release?
It's been fantastic! The world premiere was in California at the Cinequest Film Festival in March and that was a wonderful, unforgettable experience. We'll be doing a UK tour with the cinema release too so I'm really looking forward to that. The UK theatrical release is literally a dream come true for me. I only got into acting very recently - I went full-time 3 years ago - and The Harsh Light of Day was my first lead role in a feature film, so more than anything I just feel incredibly lucky and grateful. I'm very proud of what this team have achieved and I know I'm extremely fortunate to be a part of it. It's very exciting to know that the public will be watching our film because at the end of the day, as obvious as it sounds, that's why we do what we do.

If you had to sum up 'The Harsh Light of Day' in just 3 words what would they be?
Despair driving revenge.

And finally, what is your favourite horror film?
'The Strangers' by Bryan Bertino.

I'm a fan of psychological horrors like that. It's such a simple story and frighteningly easy to relate to the situation so you get totally wrapped up in it.

It's terrifying that there's no real motive for what happens. And maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that Liv Tyler is ridiculously gorgeous. Maybe.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Dan.
And we wish you the very best of luck with the release of 'The Harsh Light of Day'."

For more info on Dan's upcoming projects you can follow him on Twitter: @dan710ths

'The Harsh Light of Day' arrives in UK theatres for a limited run from 8 June and will be unleashed onto DVD and iTunes from 1 July.

Check out more at the official website for 'The Harsh Light of Day' here.


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