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Daniella Evangelista

Daniella: "I love getting hyped and
freaked out".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
February 15th, 2004

This weekend I was so priviliged to receive a personal Valentines message from one of my favourite Scream Queens, the very beautiful and the very very talented Canadian star Daniella Evangelista, who has starred in many of my favourite horror movies of late including the excellent Ripper. Daniella and I share a love for the horror genre, so read on and see what she had to say about screaming, barfing her insides out and getting wet!! How she suffers for her art.

Why did you want to act and how did you get started?
Well I got started at the young age of 4, because I just wanted to pretend and have fun. Growing up in the biz I did get more serious, by the time I was 9 I wanted to play Anne Frank and by 15 I was in LA studying.

Are you a fan of the horror genre, and what are your favourite films from the genre?
Since I was a kid all I ever watched were scary movies, I love getting hyped and freaked out. I love Freddy, Jason, anything to do with killer clowns (IT) or spooky kids (The Changeling). And most recently "The Ring" was a good one, also Japanese flicks.

Your first notable role in the horror genre was in 1998's Disturbing Behaviour how did you get the part and what was it like to work with such an amazing cast?
I got a part because I auditioned for a lead role and later Katie Holmes got it. So they gave me another part. That was one of the best experiences I've ever had, the cast was amazing and I made a lot of friends.

You then played the role of Kimberly Parsons in Cabin by the Lake, what was that project like to work on?
Wow, well, the director was awesome and enthusiastic and also very talented. Judd was so much fun although he is a no B.S. kind of guy, and a very dedicated actor. He is also a practical joker, who at one point dropped me in the water as a gag. Speaking of water we shot my death scene in four different locations and one of them was in a real cold freezing lake, lots of work freezing and being in the water, but it was fun during breaks.

The stunning Daniella Evangelista

The sequel followed a year later, and this occasion marked the first of many times you were in a film with Emmanuelle Vaugier. Is it nice to work on projects with people you have met before? I seem to recall that you worked with PJ Prinsloo on Edgemont as well as Disturbing Behaviour also.
It is always great to work with your friends. On Ripper myself and Emmanuelle were off gossiping in her trailer, ordered special lunches, drank wine and on our last day the sea plane company gave our seats away because we were a few minutes late, so we were stranded for a bit. It is great when you have a partner in crime. She is also a fantastic girl.

Your next project was Ripper, which I have to say is one of my all time favourite horror films, it was just so well written and everything seemed to fall into place. Can you tell us about how you heard about the project, how you got the part, and then finally your reaction to seeing the finished product?
I got Ripper at the last minute, I had missed the audition from being out of town, and when I got to LA I sent them a tape real quick and apparently they already had someone for the role, but gave it to me just at the nick of time, and it worked out great!!! I have also worked with the producers before and met the director John on the set, who really had a vision for this movie and was very detailed with each of the characters with our own mysterious energy. I was pleased with the outcome.

Ripper also had one of the hottest casts I had ever seen, what was it like working with these fine Canadian actors which I admire, as well as our very own Bruce Payne and Kelly Brook?
The cast Hmmmm beautiful, fun charming and wild. We really shook up Victoria where we shot it. So many awesome memories.

Are you aware that the film was so successful that the sequel has been made and do you know anything about it?
Yes I am aware of the sequel, I am sure it will be good. They were joking about bringing me back. For Cabin by the Lake they actually did decide that Kimberly should come back, and so they brought me back for the sequel as a ghost. You just never know when you could come back on a horror/thriller.

You then starred in Wishmaster 3 with some of your Ripper cast mates, and had a very gory death. What was that project like? After all it's not everyday you barf up your insides :)
Again, it is always great to work with friends and it was a lot of fun. The special effects were really good but gross!! Who wants to know what they look like when they are decomposing!!

Daniella: "The horror movies in my head
are far more frightening".

The next horror role you tackled was in Mangler 2. The film was very poorly received but most critics commented on you as being a highlight. What was your opinion of the film and where do you think it went wrong?
Well they are obscure moments, when you're like yeah right!! Or other aspects that are not always quite put together as well as they could be. But I don't think the movie went wrong, it was just the kind of movie that was not overly concerned with developing the storyline. As for the critics, I think they liked me because I am in a bikini for most of the movie. I hope they saw past that!!

Have you ever had any scary experiences on set?
The horror movies in my head are far more frightening. I have to say I get some crazy nightmares. I scare myself awake, and then I try to go back to sleep to see what happens next. I guess being a fan of fright films from an early age and then living it in front of the camera got to me.

Would you consider returning to the genre?
I will always return and do more work in the genre because they are fun and I love to scream!!

Finally what are you working on next?
I am going to be working on a comedy. We are in negotiations right now. It is very cute and I am looking forward to it. As soon as we have made arrangements on dates you can check it out on my site with the dates. www.daniellaevangelista.com

"Thanks ever so much Daniella for taking part in this interview.
We wish you the best of luck in the future."

You can visit Daniella's official website here: www.daniellaevangelista.com

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