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Giles Alderson

Giles: "It really delves deeply into the conscious mind".

Giles Alderson
Interview conducted by Steven Davies
13 April 2012

With the likes of 'True Blood' and 'Twilight' swarming us over the past few years on-screen vampirism certainly needs a good fresh kick in the teeth. So let's hope Oliver S. Milburn's debut feature 'The Harsh Light of Day' will take us once again to the darker realms of a vampire movie. We've been chatting with British star Giles Alderson about his vampiric role in the new horror project which opens in UK theatres this June.

'The Harsh Light of Day' arrives in UK theatres from 8 June and has been described as a deeply chilling masterpiece of horror cinema. What makes this project stand out from the hordes of vampire movies that seem to grace our screens more and more these days?
Quite simply, it is really a great film. For those people who love vampires and how they change from a human into a fully fledged vampire will love this take on the genre. It really delves deeply into the concious mind, what you would do for revenge if all around you was lost and how being a vampire would be about as good as it could get as you take that revenge. But obviously this has concequences and for our lead character Daniel (Dan Richardson), these are huge life changing forms of that.

Could you tell us a little about your character Infurnari?
He's a deep character. A fantastic soul seeking vampire who gives Daniel the chance to change his fortunes and take his anger out on those who have destroyed him emotionally and physically. Infunari wants Daniel to become like him but he must teach him to develop and grow on his own giving Daniel the choice as to whether he joins him and the other vampires amongst his own. Infurnari's group is dying out and he needs others to join them, but they have to be ideal candidates. Daniel fits the all the critera but through out the film we discover if he has the heart to go through with it and at the same time reap the rewards of becoming a powerful vampire? Infunari helps him make that choice at the same time as being outrageously cool and rippling with a mysteriously dark energy.

Giles: "I remember seeing a really rough cut of the movie a
year ago and I knew then it was going to be something special".

How was it to work with writer/director Oliver S. Milburn?
Brilliant!. Oliver was a joy. People talk about him being the next young star director. He has such a wise head on his shoulders. Throughout the filming he was always in control of his vision and really worked with me to make sure Infurnari would be perceived by the audience as we invisaged this character to be. I believe he will go very far. So it is nice that everyone will get to see what all the hype is about when this comes out. Emma Biggins, the producer, and Oliver are a great team and very good at what they do and I know they are already working on their next project together.

Are you surprised by the positive response that 'The Harsh Light of Day' has received so far from audiences and critics alike?
Not at all. When you go into a project you have high hopes. You never, ever think this isn't going to work. I remember seeing a really rough cut of the movie a year ago and I knew then it was going to be something special. The direction was creative, the storyline was unique and the performances were excellent. Dan Richardson is brilliant in this and so are the gang that he gets revenge upon. All top up and coming actors. So I'm glad others are seeing this film for what it is.

Giles: "'Stalled': Set in a toilet, funny as hell and full of shit kicking zombies".

We were very interested in your involvement in Christian James' zombie comedy horror 'Stalled'. Could you tell us some more about the project?
I could but then i would have to eat you! haha! Me, Christian and Dan Palmer (the writer/star) have been mates for a long time and even shot some test footage for their excellent horror comedy 'Big Cats' and have been dying to work together since then. So when a cameo came up in 'Stalled', I couldn't resist. My first zombie feature and it's going to be a cracker. Set in a toilet, funny as hell and full of shit kicking zombies, what more could you want? Quite a few of the Harsh Light guys worked on that film too. So you can play 'spot the blood caked faces' if you want.

If you had to sum up 'The Harsh Light of Day' in just 3 words what would they be?
Visual. Impactful, Delicious.

And finally, what is your favourite horror film?
Apart from The Harsh Light of Day? Jeez I don't know. Erm... Stalled? Does that count? Actually It wasn't until I did 'The Torment' (released as 'The Possession of David O'Reilly' in the US) that I really got into horror films. The director of that Andrew Cull, whom I am working with on 'The Long Walk', made me watch 'The Ring', 'REC' and 'The Haunting' to get me in the mood. I used to hate horror's, now I love them. 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer' & 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' are some of my favourites.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Giles.
And we wish you the very best of luck with the release of 'The Harsh Light of Day'."

For more info on Giles' upcoming projects you can follow him on Twitter: @Gold_FilmsUK

'The Harsh Light of Day' arrives in UK theatres for a limited run from 8 June and will be unleashed onto DVD and iTunes from 1 July.

Check out more info at the official website for 'The Harsh Light of Day' here.


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