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Jeff Dylan Graham

Jeff: "It was something that I'd always
had a sick obsession with".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
June 29th, 2004

Jeff Dylan Graham has already been acting for over 15 years, which at the tender age of 21 is an amazing accomplishment. Switching between small parts in mainstream movies and lead roles in low budget films, this "chameleon" actor is definitely one to watch, and will most likely find his future soleley in mainstream cinema.

You first started acting at the age of 5. Why were you attracted to acting?
It's kind-of one of those things where I HAD to act. It wasn't a decision, it was something that I'd always had a sick obsession with....It really is one of the only forms of release for me, so growing up it was a great outlet to express my emotions, and it still is.

When did you decide to concentrate on acting as a career?
When I worked on a student film, and realized there was no way in hell I wanted to do anything else.

Can you tell us a little about 'Kiss of the Raven', I can't seem to find any info on it?
That's incorrect info. on the Internet Movie Database. The film was never made.

You apparently had a small part in 1999's 'The Faculty' which was sadly cut. Can you tell us about your part and who you got to meet and work with?
That was sad because I was soooooooo hyped about being involved in the film. It was exciting to be working for Dimension Films, and Robert Rodriguez. I worked two days on the film. One I did some of your basic background stuff, which still remains in the movie, and then the other day we shot at a High School. I was in a scene with Clea Duvall and Shawn Hatosy. It was such a small little thing, a shot of Clea looking over at me. But it was a featured part, so I was very happy about it. I saw the movie in the theater and was pretty bummed that my closeup was cut. But I still really like the movie, and it was a fun experience. Robert seemed really nice, and I got to work with some of the people on the crew who I had worked with a year before on "Selena". Robert Patrick was also pretty cool. Just a fun movie all together.

Witchcraft XI, were you pleased to be a part of the longest running horror franchise ever?
Ron Ford was so nice! I was trying to break into b-movie stuff in any way that I could... so I conned him into putting me somewhere in the movie. I was only like 15 or 16, so he obviously didn't have any roles for someone my age in a flick like that. So he ended up putting me on a poster in the lead girls bedroom. For some reason, at the time, I thought it would be the coolest thing to be involved in the Witchcraft series... then I realized that it was all just about those box covers! haha

You have crossed paths many times with Kimberly Lynn Cole and Lilith Stabs, but have you ever actually met them and if so is it nice to work with the same people on projects?
I've been involved in many projects with Kimberly and Lilith. They're both awesome and unique chicks. I've worked with Lilith on set many times, so we always enjoy it. We've had some really fun times together, and we've traveled quite a bit together too. I hope I get to meet Kimberly someday, we have yet to have any scenes together in any of the films. Soon.... She's this wild girl with a great accent and personality... now if only people would give her the roles she deserves, I just checked out DEAD CLOWNS, and it's her best work yet.

Jeff: "Horror fans are in for some death
scenes that haven't been seen before.".

The majority of your work in film has been in the horror genre, is this because you enjoy working in the genre or are these the roles that you are offered?
Genre films are usually what come my way, although I don't mind. But, this year I'm trying to get away for a bit, and focus on other things.. there are a few non-horror projects on the way, so I'm excited.

Are you a fan of the genre?
Oh god yes!

What are some of your favourite movies?
Black Christmas, Suspiria, Night of the Demons, Sid & Nancy, May, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, L.I.E., Donnie Darko, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Parents, and many many more!

Out of all of the people you have worked with, who were your favourites?
I loved working with Lloyd Kaufman, he's a very cool and fun guy. Same with J.R. Bookwalter. Brinke Stevens has been so incredible, and she really is like a second mom, I love her. Clea Duvall was amazing and inspiring. I loved working with Debbie Rochon, a wonderful actress and very intelligent. Robert Z'dar, that guy is hilarious. I love Ariauna Albright, extremely funny and talented and highly underrated. Jason Paul Collum is hugely supportive and a great friend. As is Steve Sessions, who is my best friend. There's soooo many people that have been great and supportive of my career.

Out of all of your movies, which one was the most fun to shoot?
HOME SICK. People really need to check this one out when it's released. We shot in Alabama, and it has a cast of some great veterans of the genre. Bill Moseley plays a really bizarre character, as does Tom Towles. They are two of my all-time favorite genre actors, so being involved in this flick was awesome. Synapse Films is set to release it in it's un-cut glory this Autumn. The reason this one is my favorite is because of the character. Once the cameras rolled, I completely lost myself in this dark atmosphere.. rarely am I given the time to really get lost in character, but this one wasn't as rushed, so I think it gave me a chance to really get into it. It's a fun supporting role. Horror fans are in for some death scenes that haven't been seen before.

Can you tell me about 'Night Thirst' it's an anthology right?
Yup... it's a movie I did for the Polonias a long while ago. It's not released in the U.S., which is probably good because it's not my best acting, hehe.

How did you enjoy working on 'Deadly Stingers'? A lot of people have told me they are anxious to see it released.
You'd think Fox would want to recoup there investment, since we shot it at the end of 2002!! I think maybe there may be some legal reasons why it's not out yet, but I'm not sure. It has screened at a few theaters if I'm correct, so some have seen it. I know it'll probably end up on T.V. and DVD someday in the near future.

Zombiegeddon- kick ass cast!! How did you become involved in the project and how much fun was it?
Chris Watson had offered me the role of "Harper", and there was no way I wasn't going to do it with that cast list! It's like the ultimate party movie cast list. It was a really hectic shoot and super hot outside, but still very cool.

Jeff getting comfy in 'Deadly Stingers'.

You also star in The Bad Movie Police series, how much fun are they to shoot?
Fun! I was able to work in L.A. again, and meet Ariauna and once again work with Lilith. I'm a tempe whore... their stuff is always a blast. We were shooting in downtown L.A., which was madness.

You've worked with Jason Paul Collum a few times. How is he when he is in professional mode?
Jason is a great director! He's very open to suggestion, but knows how to get what he wants. I met him on the set of Deadly Stingers, which he was A.D. on, and he did a fantastic job under a tremendous amount of pressure. Plus, the guy is a kick-ass writer.

You have worked with Steve Sessions on two of his movies now. He seems to be producing very good low budget movies. What is he like to work with?
I've known Steve for several years, and he is the definition of an artist. It's amazing to see him at work... he pieces these films together like a puzzle. I've actually worked with him on four films now, and I hope to do it again someday.

I am really excited about 'Dead Clowns', they freak me out but I love to be scared. Will I be scared?
You'll have to wait till it's released! I've seen it, and thought it was e xtremely atmospheric and it had a whole 70's horror flick vibe, which I love.

Do you ever get scared on set?
It's happened a couple of times.

What's next for you?
Well, I'm currently on a short hiatus. I'm trying to regroup and figure out which direction I want to go from this point. I do have a film in New Jersey this summer for a great director, two non-horror projects, and a remake this fall. I'm still keeping busy, but like I said, I'm kind-of taking a break for a bit before my next stuff comes up. I'd like to FINALLY get some of my music out there for people to hear... it's been long in the making. Another thing I've been focusing on is photography, I've done some cool stuff with some models. I did a shoot with Robyn Griggs which came out very sexy. We did an underwater thing, it looked cool. I plan on doing many other shoots as well.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Jeff.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

You can visit Jeff's official web site here: www.jeffdgraham.com

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