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Jerry G. Angelo

Jerry: "With that naive enthusiasm, I packed my car and left for LA".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
June 28th, 2005

Due to the fact that we have had so many sexy ladies here at the asylum lately, I thought I better bring in some man candy to even things up a little. Jerry G. Angelo will certainly catch your eye if you are lucky enough to see any of the kick ass horror movies he's been in, as he often appears completely nude!! Read on to see how Jerry feels about nudity, and what happened to him the day he bit Julie Strain's left nipple.

When did you first become interested in acting?
I was Chief coordinator, (right hand man) for a gentleman running for a state wide election in New Mexico; Land Commissioner. Although I played an important role in this man's campaign following him along every square inch of the third largest state, through the most poverty stricken communities, to walnut harvesters, to iron ore industrialists; brushing my teeth in the morning with him, eating mundane dinner after dinner, listening to speech after speech; I thought, if it were I running for this position I would win, and people would remember me.

It wasn't until I spread out my wings to leave home to do research in Washington D.C. that I figured I can leave my home, my friends, my beloved dog Heidi, and my dear mom, and I can leave THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT to pursue something, "anything" my heart, my dreams desired.

I wrote a 10 page story about a dancer. This turned into a 30 page screenplay, which turned into me losing 35 lbs over two months into a shredded beefcake / semi-actor. With that naive enthusiasm, I packed my car and left for LA, at 12 o'clock noon January 1st.

Did you do any formal training?
The only previous hands on training I had was being a Stage Hand for the play WIZARD OF OZ in the world renowned POPE JOY HALL. Other than that my training has been life experience, chalked up to thousands of hours of my dad playing me, SINGING IN THE RAIN musicals, John Wayne westerns, and Abbott and Costello and Laurel and Hardy... Not to mention his share in music, i.e. Dino, and Frankie. My mom's touch was rhythm and blues…Billie Holiday and Ole Satchel Mouth himself, Louis Armstrong.

How did you go about finding your first job and what was it?
My first role was the character "Enrique" in a 35 mm film called RAPIST IN THE HOUSE. Although I was made out to be the bad guy, I wasn't, but I still got the blunt end of the stick. At that time all I could account for was screen presence.

You played Daniel in 'Delta Delta Die' how did you hear about the project and how did you get the part?
I was so excited to be submitting myself to a Shadow Entertainment production. The same production company that made PUPPET MASTER...yesssss!!! Anyway as you can see on the DVD bonus features, my audition, good bad or indifferent, I got the call.

How did you enjoy working with my good friends Julie Strain and Tiffany Shepis?
Julie Strain was very particular in everything that was going on. She was the star, and called the shots. Quite a woman. Especially when the already towering lady, began wearing 6 inch heels if not more, then she became a leather strapped Godzilla.

Jerry: "I didn't think I needed to actually be sucking on her left breast".

Tiffany Shepis... well, she's the hottest one. Not a bad "tag line" to have.

You apparently bit Julie's tit during filming, care to divulge?
Well during the shot, with the camera being behind us, I didn't think I needed to actually be sucking on her left breast, like my fellow actor Glen. High five to him. Anyway I don't remember exactly what was said to me, but I had a definite change in emotion of character, and with that out came my molars.

What was Devin Hamilton like to work with? He makes good horror movies.
Devin's a good guy. He's specific, he chooses a good team to work with, and he gets what he wants. He also allows the actor to be free. I will work with him again.

Was the shoot different to what you had expected?
The shoot was what I expected. At points Glen and I were buck naked and we had robes given to us in between takes. However, it's a long bare reach for that robe, and I wasn't modest.

Did you learn a lot about the process of filmmaking from that shoot?
It ran rather smoothly. Every cast and location will have its differences. One of the cool things was we were behind one day, I showed up for 5 minutes and they sent me home. I got paid for the full day.

You were then seen in 'The Janitor' which was also made by good friends of mines. How did you get involved with the project?
One of my acting Senorita's led me on to an audition where I first met with Andy Signore. Andy liked me. After that we worked on a hilarious 5 min short that he wrote and directed called "JUDY". We also recently finished the music video to THE JANITOR, which I am featured in...He He He...I have not seen it yet.

You always seem to end up nude and in a compromising situation in horror movies. Is it intimidating to act naked in a room full of people?
Yes and No. As far as the crew, they don't exist to me when I'm filming, so right there that excludes 99% of the people. As far my cast mates, I think they get more embarrassed than me. If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it 300%, I will not settle for my character to be jeopardized because of my inhibitions. Therefore, Free Willy is not a bad term to use.

Jerry: "I gave 300%. If you're not free,
you're a slave".

You had the lead role in 'Nightshadows' which was an excellent short film. Matthew was a very different type of role for you as he was gay. How did you prepare for the role?
I gave 300%. If you're not free, you're a slave. No in between. There is nothing more uplifting to me than an actor who is free. For people who might not quite understand the simplicity to that, I'd say, the greatest roles that you have enjoyed and watched over the years probably come from truly dedicated actors who put themselves aside the role. There's nothing different than a Pacino playing Scarface, or a Streep playing whatever slew of characters that she does.

Are you a fan of the horror genre who actively seeks out horror projects, or do you just seem to land roles in the genre?
To me, there's nothing better than being scared. But I will say that there are more cheesy horror flicks than not, but nothing beats a Killer horror flick. In fact I have the perfect script, which I have written; and am currently looking for seekers. Back to the question, because I do hold a place close to the heart for this genre, and it's so fun, it’s not hard for me to have that "killer" audition.

A little bird told me that you were up for a role in a Quentin Tarantino movie? Can you tell me anything about it?
It was actually through his production company. But, sad to say, all the cast except for Okiana Bioule, (I know I spelled her name wrong) the beautifully graceful skater, was cast out of LA. It's being shot in Tennessee. I was one of three guys up for the lead, after a grueling audition process. The good news that came from this was, I signed on with the same agency that reps her.

What else will you be working on?
In a nut shell. You will find me in clips of Britney Spears newest music video "DO SOMETHIN". I finished working on a production of sketch comedy which is shot like a cross between Saturday Night Live and Benny Hill, called Sexy Silly Television, you can go to www.dondaro.com I Also just wrapped on a film called, "PRIVATE DANCER" where I play a "crazy" killer / dirty cop slash private dancer...it's edgy and you will get a twist of David Lynch and a surprise.

I'm currently up for a role on THE SHEILD and an HBO movie Red Shoe Diaries type movie about a boxer.

Next week, I host a "Love Line" type program called, Adam, Jerry and the Pussycat Dolls.And as for my next heart's desire I have begun campaigning for the character Sgt. Strank in Clint Eastwood’s next production "FLAGS OF OUR FATHER".

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Jerry.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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