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Jessica Harmon

Jessica: "It’s crazy to be able to go to work everyday and have powers or die".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
December 19th, 2007

This interview has been a long time coming, mainly due to the fact that Black Christmas took so bloody long to see a DVD release in the UK. With the gory remake now available in stores across the UK just in time for Christmas, I felt now was the right time to post this interview with actress Jessica Harmon who played Megan Helms in the movie.

Jessica is fast on her way to becoming a firm favourite amongst genre fans. Her appearances in fright fare such as Hollow Man II, Black Christmas and the popular TV series Supernatural (not to mention her stunning looks) have caught the eye of many horror lovers.

I caught up with Jessica to find out about her roles in some of the hottest horror projects of recent months and was pleased to uncover that she’s currently filming another genre project.

Read on to see what Jessica thought of her Black Christmas cast mates and what working with Jared Padalecki and Katharine Isabelle was like.

Your father is filmmaker Allan Harmon, coming from a showbiz family, have you always wanted to act?
Actually I’ve always wanted to do everything and acting lets you be quite a number of things that you wouldn’t normally get to be all in one lifetime. It’s crazy to be able to go to work everyday and have powers or die or even just express feelings that you don’t allow yourself to let out in your own life, like killing people or being killed (kidding!!).

How did you get started in the industry?
My mom is an actress and she introduced me to her agent when I was ten and basically one thing led to another and look at that I’m in the industry!

Jessica: "When The Outer Limits came along I was obsessed".

Your first job was on The Outer Limits which has a long history in the sci-fi and horror genres, what was it like to work on?
It was incredible, since it was my first job I was extra excited, plus I loved the Twilight Zone so when The Outer Limits came along I was obsessed.

You also appeared in another series, which had a strong following amongst genre fans, namely The New Addams Family, what was that like to be part of?
That was funny actually, because I was supposed to be this juvenile delinquent but I looked like a shy thirteen year old, so they covered my face in tattoos and tangled my hair, it was pretty amusing.

Hollow Man II was released late last year. Had you seen the first film and if so, did you have any apprehension with regards to the visual effects work and how the technical aspects might interfere with your acting?
I had seen the first film, and I was really excited about the technical aspects actually, it was a good challenge. I wasn’t sure initially how we were going to interact with the hollow man since he is of course invisible, but the director Claudio is amazing and had us rehearse blindfolded with the other actors, to get the unsteady feeling of having someone around you without knowing exactly what they’re doing or where they are. It was a really interesting experience.

What was the shoot like and did you enjoy working with Laura Regan who is also popular amongst horror fans?
The shoot was great, I love working on scary movies it’s a lot of fun knowing you’re going to scare people…that sounds messed up but its true! Laura is great we became good friends actually; she’s a really wonderful person.

You were next seen in Black Christmas where you played Megan Helms. The film had a great cast; did you enjoy working with many of your peers?
Yeah, I had a wonderful time, those girls are all really great which is helpful because some actors can be a little frustrating, especially when there’s a lot of you all in the same age range, but fortunately none of the Black Christmas ladies were!

Was it exciting to film your death scene or did it gross you out?
It was kind of scary actually because I could see the actor who kills me just to the right of me off camera, so as I walked slowly towards the camera I was just waiting for him to jump up and throw a bag over my head. By the end of it I was having a great time though…is that morbid?

Jessica: "By the end of it I was having a great time though…is that morbid?".

How did it feel to be part of something, which was so hotly anticipated by genre fans?
It was really nice; I had people writing to me before I even started filming the movie so it brought a real excitement to the whole experience.

Are you a fan of horror movies yourself? If so, what are some of your favourites?
I enjoy a horror movie now and then, I end up closing my eyes the whole time though, which is terrible for whoever’s beside me because I’m just constantly asking them what’s happening.

You also recently appeared in the season finale of Supernatural. What was it like working on such a well loved show?
Supernatural was great mostly because I had powers which was fun. Plus my character is full of anger so it was almost like therapy since I got to let out a lot of pent up aggression! Everyone working on that show is really great, which always helps, especially when you’re new on set, they were very welcoming.

You also got to work with some incredible young talents, how did it feel to be acting opposite the likes of Jared Padalecki and Katharine Isabelle?
It was awful they’re both so needy…kidding Jared and Katie are both really funny actually so it was a pleasure to work with both of them.

What’s next for you? Would you like to work in the genre again?
I would love to, I have a great time with horror, it’s a lot of fun. Currently I’m filming a mini series called “Chasing the Devil” it’s the true story of the Green River serial killer in Seattle. It’s a really incredible film, I feel really honored to be a part of it.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Jessica.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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