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Kacey Barnfield

Kacey: "Horror movies are great fun".

Kacey Barnfield
Interview conducted by Steven Davies
2 June, 2011

You've been involved in quite a few horror related projects of late. Is it a genre you enjoy watching as well as performing in?
Absolutely!! I love a good scary film. I'll rate how scary it is on whether or not it leaves me with nightmares as I like to think i'm brave. Saying that, i'll never watch them on my own....!

Would you welcome being tagged with a 'modern day Scream Queen' title if you continue work within the genre?
Haha! Of course, horror movies are great fun and i'd be honored that the horror-genre fans gave me that title! As an actress I enjoy crossing over genres though and staying versatile.

You've been acting for a number of years now particularly on British television and now appear to be getting solid movie roles. Was this a conscious development for your career do you think?
Yes, I grew up on British TV and I remember that as a kid the whole idea of America and Hollywood and movies seemed like a faraway dream. My hopes then were to continue working and make a living doing what I love. As actors we can always help to steer our careers through choices to a degree but the roles will generally find us, rather than the other way around. However I have always remained open to all possibilities and avenues. I have been very lucky in that initially I was cast in American movie projects through putting myself on tape in London. Paul Anderson and the Resident Evil team cast me this way in Resident Evil:Afterlife too. I feel very blessed for that because it has opened up doors for me in the States and now I work both sides of the pond.

Kacey: "I also learned never spend two days under water without wearing ear plugs".

'Resident Evil: Afterlife' was the most commercially successful project you've been involved with to date. What have you learned from your experiences on the movie?
I learned a lot, I worked with some very successful actors who were also great people and gave me sound advice. The movie was of a huge scale and so very impressive but it was still a job you know, mornings are early and days are long, itís not glitz and glamour. Milla Jovovich was wonderful and I admired how hard she works for such a physically demanding role. It is clear she is just so utterly dedicated. As succesful as she is, she has no diva-like airs and graces, she is all about the job and her passion is so evident. Her, Wentworth Miller and I spent 2 whole days filming those under-water scenes together. Oh yeah, I also learned never spend two days under water without wearing ear plugs....

'Roadkill' recently debuted on the Syfy network. It looked like a fun project to be involved in, how was it for you?
Yeah, a lot of fun! Spent a month in Ireland mainly in an RV from the 70's and running from gypsys and giant birds....Definitely a great laugh. Johannes Roberts was a pleasure to work with too and he deserves all credit for the edgy way that the movie was shot and also how dark it gets at the end. Horror fans on here should check out his movie 'F' if they'd like to really see how twisted his artistic mind can get!! It works brilliantly though.

Kacey: "She also has an inner strength and her kick-ass side does come through at the end".

Tell us a little about your upcoming movie 'Jabberwocky' and working with director Steven R. Monroe?
Jabberwocky is fantasy sci-fi movie, it's a period piece, set in a little medieval village. The 'Jabberwocky' is based on the creature from the Lewis Carroll poem. The villagers have to defend themselves from the creature when their village becomes its target. I play Annabel, a sweet, caring woman who is trying to win the love of Francis. She also has an inner strength and her kick-ass side does come through at the end!

Steven was great, a fantastic man to work with. He has a calm energy; he's friendly and extremely talented. I felt very relaxed working with him.

What's next for Kacey Barnfield? Could we expect a welcome cameo in the new 'The Inbetweeners' movie?
My next project will be announced in Variety next week! I'm extremely excited. It's a psychological thriller, I'm playing a very different type of role and I shall be working alongside an actress whom I have admired for many years. I can't say too much right now...but keep an eye out! And no, Katie, 'Neilís sister' won't be the inbetweeners movie i'm afraid! But I'm looking forward to seeing it myself as the show cracks me up!

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"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Kacey.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."


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