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Kimberly Lynn Cole

Kimberly: "I always felt it was my destiny
to act in horror films".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
February 10th, 2004

I chatted to a new Scream Queen this week, actress Kimberly Lynn Cole, who appeared in Psycho Santa and have to say she is one of the most caring, and polite people I have ever spoken to. It's hard to believe that this lady makes a living from starring in gory horror movies. Read on to see why Kimberly loves the genre and for some advance gossip about the upcoming Dead Clowns.

Why did you decide to become an actress?
As a child I was very highly imaginative and I loved to watch horror films, OLD horror films were my favorites like the Hammer Films and anything with Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee, I would then run about the house pretending to be in a horror film, so it was only natural that I grow up to follow that pathway, I always felt it was my destiny to act in horror films and I love it!

I see that you also model, sing and write. Most people in the industry (including myself) do mutiple things is acting what you concentrate on most?
My mother taught dance when I was a child, she was always into anything cultural. She tried to make me learn French but I rebelled. :) She taught dance, Modern dance and Cultural dances like Egyptian Belly Dance and so I learned all types of dance as a child, I still love to dance to this day. I was six feet tall at twelve years old so it was only natural that I started to model, I did a bit of print work but mostly runway and trunk shows all over. My brother was doing stunts in film at the time and he got me into that for a bit from there I got my first acting gig in Warner Brothers Body Snatchers. But yes I have done the singing gig a bit, now I only sing for family weddings and in the shower.giggles I also write, mostly horror stories and mostly short stories. Acting is my passion and directing or co-directing I have formed a small partnership with a fellow actor Leo Zemke and we have done some things, we did our own footage for Cult Director Ted V. Mikel's MARK OF THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES and also most recently for Stephanie Aldridge's DESCENT INTO DARKNESS its a vampire flick and we just mailed off footage for Christopher Kahler's GOING GOING...... right now we are working on footage for an Australian, United States, Britian venture for Ari Richard's called INTERNATIONAL ZOMBIE PROJECT.

How did you get started?
Well lets see how I got started was modeling and then my brother doing stunts and dragging me off to do stunts in a Warner Brother's film BODY SNATCHERS and then we both snagged a speaking part. That was it, I was hooked I have kept going and here I am today. I LOVE the horror genre. I have done other things like DISNEY'S filme SELMA LORD SELMA about the civil rights struggles in the American South, also a Japanese Film about Tallulah Bankhead.

Tell us a little about Horror Tales 666, was that fun to shoot?
I did a cameo in Horrortales .666 for Phil Herman who is an amazing talent, it was great fun to do, I was Phil's girlfriend and I was trying to get him to murder his wife for the insurance money, Joe Bob Briggs gave me drive in theatre awards for my part. :)

Sexy Kimberly looking hot, hot, hot...

I understand you have actually shot your own footage for some of your parts. Can you tell us how this came about?
It was a natural progression, I consider myself a serious horror actress and so I have decided not to drop my clothes to get a role, therefore I had to be resourceful and offer to film some of my own parts, its been great fun and practice for doing my own stuff, I have plans in motion to film a series of horror shorts for an anthology movie. We have already shot the first one its called BLACK DOLL and its about a voodoo doll run amuck.

How did you get the gig in Psycho Santa?
Well lets see how did I get my part in Psycho Santa, I have been working with a fantastic director named Steve Sessions for several years on films like CREMAINS and DEADFALL (A SHORT) and the upcoming DEAD CLOWNS which also has the fabulously talented Eric Spudic as well as the Queen of all Scream Queens Brinke Stevens, and Robyn Griggs. Peter Keir is a friend of his and he suggested me to him, I got the part and best of all he decided to use my real son Dylan Cole in the film. My son is following in his mum's footsteps and has already tried out for Tim Burton for a part.

How long did it take to shoot your scenes?
One day to shoot me and my son's scenes for Psycho Santa.

You have also worked on Dead Clowns, which Eric Spudic promises me will be very scary. What were your experiences on that set like?
Ah DEAD CLOWNS, this one promises to be one of my all-time favorites that I have done, Steve Sessions wants it to have that Italian horror, Lucio Fulci feel to it. It was very grueling, I had fight scenes with Lucien Eisenach where he fights me and then pistol whips me senseless and then he and his accomplice ties me up and I tell them about the DEAD CLOWNS and why they have returned and a hurricane is going on outside while all this is happening, so it promises to be very exciting indeed. I did not get to work directly with Eric Spudic on this one but I hope to work with him extensively in the future, he was excellent in PSYCHO SANTA!

Do you ever get really scared on set? I know that my actors get scared sometimes as it's basically just me with my camera driving them out to the woods to "kill them".
Do I ever get scared on the set, sometimes if the director is pushy.hahaha No seriously I did get scared in DEAD CLOWNS and I do not want to give too much away but I was tied up and interogated by the two thugs that broke into my home during the hurricane and they leave me alone in the living room, now I was covered in special effects bruises and blood from the beating and REALLY tied down to the chair and taped up and the door opens and leaves blow in from outside and the dead clowns appear and I was really helpless in this scene in real life, yes it was very scary. When you see how they rip me to pieces you will see why I was so afraid. :)

Kimberly dressed to thrill...

I believe you have a starring role in Cremains. Can you explain what the film is about and tell us about your character?
CREMAINS has become a classic film in a short time, Its been out about two years now and I get mail from all over the world about it. I play a young lady who is being haunted by her friend Lisa who has drowned. I go to a prominent professor and writer who has made himself famous and a fortune by writing about ghosts and vampires and he basically tells me I am off my rocker, so I leave and Lisa attacks me and well you have to see the film to see the rest but its very well made and has some exciting stories as well as alot of extras on the DVD.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my heart, I truly love the HORROR GENRE and I grew up watching horror films and I want to add something to whats out there, hopefully I will.

What are you up to next?
I am also in the process of designing and building my own haunted attraction on my farm in Alabama. My Vampyress Mirricalla character that has become a local celebrity because I have done commercials and hosted a haunted charity for the Montgomery Zoo for ten years called ZOO BOO, we have raised tons of money for the zoo and its been a blast. Now I am branching off on my own to do this haunted house with my Mirricalla character hosting it, we are going to have a giant haunted house and a couple of rides later on, the house will be called MIRRICALLA'S CASTLE OF HORROR'S!!!! So wish us luck on that, 70% of the money will go to children's charities with 30% going to keep it open and keep it fresh each year. It will be the culmination of a lifelong dream and I am sure there will be a movie in there somewhere. :)

"Thank you Kimberly for taking part in this interview.
We wish you the best of luck in the future with whatever you choose to do."

You can visit the Kimberlys' official web page right here: www.proaxis.com/~sherlockfam/babydoll.html

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