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Lee Turner

Lee: "I knew early on I wanted to be involved
in filmmaking in some capacity".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
July 12th, 2005

Considering that Lee Turner has been pretty busy with Law School for the past few years, I was shocked to discover that he had time to appear in no less than three horror projects amongst all the other films he has worked on.

As Producer, Writer and Star of 'The Campushouse.com' and with roles in Troma's 'The Wounded' and Stephanie Aldridge's 'Descend into Darkness 2: Battle of the Undead' behind him, I'm sure Lee will have no problems finding horror roles once he has a little more free time on his hands.

What is your interest in film?
I am life long fan of all things film related from black and white classics to special effects laden blockbusters. I have always been a big fan of film history especially horror. I knew early on I wanted to be involved in filmmaking in some capacity.

How did you go about getting involved in the film industy?
I decided to take a gamble and move to L.A. shortly after graduating from college and give it a shot for a year which turned into four. L.A. is a crazy town full of types, which makes for an exciting environment to pursue acting and filmmaking. Right off the bat I had beginners luck and booked a few tiny roles in film's including Troma's "The Wounded" and "Somebody Loves Me I Quit". I definately had my share of making the rounds so to speak and getting the door slammed in my face. Along the way I picked up parts in a variety of things from stage to film.

How did you get involved with The Campushouse.com?
My roomate at the time David Gardner and I had kicked around the idea of making films for quite a while before realizing a horror film was our best shot at getting something out there given horror's huge built in audience. Both of us were huge fans of the 80s slasher genre as well as the 'Scream' phenomenon. So we basically just decided to roll the dice and take a stab at it. My role as producer is really a misnomer given how much time David has put into the project. It is really his project that he let me tag along on.

How long did it take you guys to write?
Not all that long acutually, both Dave and I knew what we wanted and where the film was headed. I would say a couple of months for the first draft and then constant fine tuning up until the shoot.

Lee: "It is really his project that he
let me tag along on".

It took about nine months to finally raise the money and we enlisted Allen Larson and Jessica Kopp to help with pre-production and brought them on board. Of course like all indie filmmaking ventures it was kind of flying by the seats of our pants. There are so many things we would have done differently now.

How long was the shoot?
The shoot was approximately 19 days of principal photography. It was a pretty grueling shoot in Monrovia California. Luckily we had a great crew in place to help David behind the camera or it is doubtful we could have pulled it off.

How did you cope with your roles as producer and star?
The fact that it was a true ensemble cast made it a lot easier. The film was not resting on my performance. There were times when I needed to be focused on my performance but was wondering how we were going to pay for certain items. Believe me I would have much rather been just an actor. Speaking of the cast everyone did a great job, and a lot of them have gone on to bigger things like Phe Caplan who appeared in hits 'Road Trip' and 'Old School'. Also, cast member Elaine Zlaket was chosen as a Scream Queen.com girl based on her performance and looks.

What are the current distribution plans?
The film is currently on the festival circuit and just had a great screening at the Outhouse Film Festival on the Campus of Lousiana State University. We are currently in talks with several distributors trying to take care of all the deliverable requirements. We hope to have distribution finalized any day now. In addition we hope to take the film on the horror convention circuit in the near future.

What are your hopes for release?
Both David and I would like to see the film garner some recognition on the video market as a testament to how hard the crew and cast worked. We think there is an audience for the film who will find it enjoyable and want to see more from everyone involved. We are also excited that it will be the final on screen performance by legendary sword and sandal actor Gordon Mitchell.

You also appeared in 'The Wounded'. How did you get involved in that project?
The Wounded was my first taste of indie filmmaking and I got involved through a friend of a friend who knew producer Warren Duenas. While I had only a very small role I learned alot and made some great contacts. Plus, I can always say I have been in a Troma film which is almost like a rite of passage in the low budget industry.

Lee: "I plan to stay involved in acting
and indie films".

Do you prefer acting or behind the scenes roles?
Definitely acting, it is way less stressful and more fun. I do enjoy writing and have written a couple of scripts but am not interested in producing them myself.

What have you been up to lately?
Well I am in the process of graduating from law school and sitting for the bar exam to become an attorney. I still love acting and take roles whenever I get a chance. I hope to help indie filmmakers with the business and legal side of filmmaking.

Any future film plans?
I plan to stay involved in acting and indie films. I have another film that is out on the festival circuit Joseph Meschwitz's "Mando's Machine" which is a comedy set in 1980. I also recently had a cameo alongsidge the lovely Gina Marie Ferraro in Steph Aldridge's latest film. I am also active in the Oxford MS/Memphis TN filmmaking scene. I also hope to do some more plays as well in the future and work with Kimberly Lynn Cole and Steph Aldridge again. If anyone would like to contact me please do so at remy544@yahoo.com

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Lee.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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