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Lilith Stabs

Lilith: "You know you can have nude
girls and a storyline in the same movie".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
June 11th, 2004

I recently chatted to the lovely Lilth Stabs, horror's hottest new Scream Queen about her upcoming roles in many genre projects. Read on to find out what it's really like to be a Scream Queen.

When did you first realise that you wanted to be an actress?
When I was 5 years old and my Mother was watching a soap opera she always watched, I wanted to know what the people's jobs on the show were called. She said they were actors and actresses, and I said that was what I wanted to be. My family was not the showbiz type so this was something I ended up pursuing much later in life than if I had been encouraged instead of discouraged at a young age.

Did you always want to be a scream queen?
When I was a teenager in the 80s I saw some of the b-horror type movies and the actresses involved in them, I thought that it looked like a lot of fun. And it was not going the typical Hollywood route of getting in the business. So I did indeed hold an interest of being a scream queen.

Have you always been attracted to the dark side?
When I was really young I think most stuff related to the dark side terrified me but at the same time held a strange attraction for me. So I guess I would say yes, it has always held an attraction for me.

Have you always been a fan of the horror genre?
I really didn't start watching horror movies till I was a teenager but since then I've always been a fan.

Lilith: "Most stuff related to the
dark side terrified me".

What are some of your favourite movies?
Some favs are, Donnie Darko, May, Frailty, In Dreams, The Watcher, but I also watch a lot of non horror movies too... I love all types' comedies, drama, thrillers, etc.

How did you go about getting started?
Well, I wanted to be in a comic book and I wanted to do b-movies. So I thought the natural place to start to network, make contacts was to go to conventions that people in the industry were guests at. That's exactly what I did and the networking worked out for me.

Your first movie was 'Vampire Call Girls'. Whilst the movie has had some bad reviews, how did you find the experience? It obviously got you noticed?
Yes, well it severely lacks storyline and relies entirely on the fact that it has nude girls in it to sell it. You know you can have nude girls and a storyline in the same movie...it seems some in this industry cannot grasp that concept. Or that you can also do a low budget movie without nudity another concept that seems lacking in this industry. I did not really have any bad experiences on the set or anything. And yes, it did help me get noticed, I think landing the cover shot on my very first movie was also a nice bonus for me.

You moved on to better things with your second feature 'Cremains' working alongside such stars of the genre as Kimberly Lynn Cole, Jeff Dylan Graham and Debbie Rochon. Were you excited to be involved in a project with so many talented stars of the genre?
Actually Demonatrix was my second feature and it was in the same vein as Vampire Call Girls since it was created by the same company. But it was great to work on Cremains with Steve Sessions. As far as the other actors and actresses involved in the project we actually did not shoot at the same time and did not end up working together. I later worked with Jeff Dylan Graham on Malefic also by Steve Sessions.

You then appeared in 'Deadly Stingers' for J.R.Bookwalter. What was he like to work for?
Yes, J.R. was great to work with and I'd like to see Deadly Stingers get released. It has screened at several conventions but other than that I'm not certain what is happening with it.

'Zombiegeddon' has a phenomenal cast of B-movie veterans; I'm very excited to see it. Can you tell us a little about it and your part in the movie?
Yes, it has definitely got quite the cast doesn't it? It makes it a lot of fun to watch for fans of the industry to see what part each actor or actress will show up in. It was shot way out in Kansas (my cell phone didn't even have service out there). I was playing a role working in the college with Jeff Dylan Graham. And of course trying not to get eaten by the zombies.

Lilith: "And of course trying not to get
eaten by the zombies".

You have already appeared twice as Lt. Drucilla Dread in 'The Bad Movie Police' series, again with a host of genre people. Is it as much fun to make as it sounds?
Yes, one of my favorite projects so far. I love playing this role and hope there are more episodes to follow so we can shoot more. The third one is already shot so it should be released this October.

Your partner in the movies is played by Ariauna Albright, what is she like to work with?
A lot of fun and she's a great actress. Everyone was really nice and I hope to work with them again soon.

'Malefic' sounds like it has an interesting premise. Can you tell us a little about the project and what it was like to work on?
It was what I would consider one of the more interesting roles I've gotten to play. It had a bit more for me to do than most of the roles I end up with....which of course is a good thing. It was a bit rushed, there was a point when we almost thought there was not time enough to get my parts shot before I'd have to fly back home, but needless to say we put in some long hours and got it done.

You most recently worked on 'Severe Injuries' which sounds very funny. Can you tell us what it was like to poke fun at the horror genre?
It was a really fun shoot. Getting to do something comedy related was a nice change of pace.

I'm also very interested in 'Weregrrl'. What can you tell me about the project?
I wasn't around for the actual movie shoot at all. We just shot my opening and closing segments at a convention.

You also appear in Jason Paul Collum's 'Something to Scream About'. Were you honoured to be included in a documentary with most of horror's finest scream queens?
Yes, of course it's an honour. I think he had a good variety of actresses spanning from the 80s and before, to those much newer to the industry.

Lilith: "I think the life of a scream queen
can be quite difficult".

I think that it was a great idea on Jason's part to show audiences what goes on behind and away from the camera. How hard is life as a scream queen?
It was a great idea because so many fans don't really realize all that goes into this. I think the life of a scream queen can be quite difficult; it's not always as glamorous as many of us manage to make it look. We work a lot of long hours sometimes for little or no pay. But I think that if it's not something any of wanted to be doing we would be doing something else, something easier.

Out of all of the actresses involved in the project, who was your favourite scream queen?
I think I'd have to say Julie Strain. She always manages to look extremely beautiful. And much like me she tends to play the more villainess type of roles...which are in my opinion great to play.

What's next on your schedule?
I'm not certain at the moment. I've been taking a break and haven't been doing that much besides attending a few conventions the past several months. I'm currently working on my photography which is something I enjoy and it lets me be really creative. I'm open to new projects if they come along. Look for Bad Movie Police 3 set for an October release.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Lilith.
And we of course wish you the best of luck in the future."

You can visit Lilith's official web site here: www.lilithstabs.com

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