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An Interview with Megan Hayes

Megan: "It's very 80's with teen angst and comedy in there too".

Megan Hayes
Interview conducted by John Townsend
20 September 2013

Megan Hayes is an actress and writer who is appearing in new sci-fi horror "+1" and what is set to be one the films of the year "Hunger Games: Catching Fire". And she has taken the time out to discuss her projects and her busy career with us here at the Horror Asylum.

Hi Megan, thank you for talking with me today.
Hi there, itís a pleasure.

So, the new film youíre appearing in is +1 which is based around an interesting idea. Please could you tell us a little about it.
Well what I love about it is that itís this kind of mish-mash of horror and sci-fi but with something of a John Hughes film about it. Itís very 80ís with teen angst and comedy in there too.

So when you read the script did it jump out at you right away?
Well when I auditioned for it I only got the scene that my character was in, which is what tends to happen. But I could tell from the scenes I read that it was going to be great. When we got to the table read I got even more excited. Itís so smart and interesting and unique that itís awesome. Sometimes you can be in a room reading and you never know but that didnít happen here. You just knew it was going to be great.

It is quite a slow burner, you never know quite where itís going to go.
Absolutely, I mean thereís the party with the scantily clad girls and the naked girl with sushi on her body and youíre like, wow, where is this going? (laughs)

Megan: "It's amazing to be a part of a project like this".

You appear in the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire film. How different was it walking on to the set of a production of that scale, a massive franchise film?
It was a bit of everything. It was exciting and scary and enchanting and fun and just so, so thrilling. Itís amazing to be a part of a project like this. And everyone was so kind and amazing that any nervousness I had just disappeared right away.

I know you canít talk too much about the film but can you tell us anything about your character?
Well I play a Morphling from District 6. Her storyline is that she is a drug addict, and I canít say much more than that (laughs)

Were you a big fan before you auditioned for the role?
The first movie is so great and wonderful and the books are amazing too. I read all three like a junkie on crack (laughs) and theyíre so amazing as they cater for a younger audience and its all from a womanís point of view. Sheís so strong and doesnít sit around pining or anything, trying to decide if a guy likes her or not. Itís about more than just that and really about what she can do and what she wants. Itís great to have this perspective. Theyíre also pretty scary!

Youíve been primarily known as a comedic actress in the past so was it a conscious decision to try something new with these two roles?
To be honest Iím a character actress and itís just if Iím drawn to the story and the character really. There was no conscious decision made but am I loving that I get to do it? Absolutely. Will I still do comedy? Definitely. I want it all! (laughs) I think in many ways comedies and dramas are not that far apart. In the end itís all about telling a good story.

Megan: "I just finished my first screenplay and Iím working on the second one".

Would you say comedy is the most difficult discipline?
Oh absolutely. Comedy is so hard to get right with the timing and the writing. I think that it can go either way.

I read that you said Young Frankenstein changed your life. What in particular about that film resonated with you?
I think it was definitely something that helped mould my sense of humour. I was about 10 years old when my mum said I should watch it and I was hooked immediately. I was crying with laughter. I think this with Carol Burnett and Monty Python have influenced me more than anything else. I didnít start acting until I was about 15 but they definitely planted the seed.

Youíve had success in many fields including writing. Is this something youíre keen to pursue further or are you happier performing in front of the camera?
Well I love acting and I love writing. I wrote when I was in school and then put it on hold for a while but Iím getting back into it. I just finished my first screenplay and Iím working on the second one. I love both aspects and I couldnít imagine not doing one or the other so I hope that maybe I can get some of the things Iíve written produced. Iíve had a couple of plays done and itís been great.

Do you think then that itís difficult for new writers and artists to find a platform for their work these days in the current market?
Well now more than ever there is so much more access to equipment. I mean you can make your own web series and put it on YouTube. If you want to do it you can. My writing partner and I have 2 web series weíve done and it means you can get access to such a wide audience.

What would be your favourite horror film of all time?
You know, itís a classic but Iím gonna go with Psycho. I first watched it as a teenager in a film class and I was terrified to get in the shower for ages. Anything Hitchcock in general to be honest.

Could you see yourself as a scream queen?
Oh god, of course. I would love to do it! It would be great to be brutally murdered! (laughs

Megan, thank you so much for talking with me today.
No problem at all, thank you. Bye.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Megan.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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