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Michael Coe

Michael: "I found that acting offered me a rush
that I couldn’t get anywhere else".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
October 19th, 2005

To celebrate the release of Urban Legends: Bloody Mary I was lucky enough to catch up with actor Michael Coe who plays Buck Jacoby in the movie. Read on to see how the production went and to see some sweet behind the scenes pics from Michael’s personal photo album. Just beware of spoilers when reading.

When did you get your first taste of acting and why did you decide to pursue it as a career?
My first acting experience was in the sixth grade, a ‘cowboys & bandits’ play. I played a crony to the head bandit and had about a handful of lines, but it wasn’t until High School that I found acting to be my passion. It was my role as Billy Bigelow in my school’s production of “Carousel” that really affected my life. I found that acting offered me a rush that I couldn’t get anywhere else, and the more I do it the more it makes sense.

You seem to devote much of your time to studying your craft. Have you had it instilled into you that you need to be ahead of your game in order to succeed in the industry, or are you just genuinely excited by all aspects of film?
Both, I am genuinely interested in all aspects of film and being ahead of the game is really the only way I see success. Unlike a lot of careers, there’s no paved road to a successful career in Hollywood. It’s a game of luck, politics, exposure and preparation, and by playing both sides of the field I increase all those factors.

You have a recurring role on Everwood. Did you find that your time spent on a TV show was a useful way of learning how things actually work in the field?
Oh without a doubt, I’m incredibly thankful for my time spent on Everwood. It opened doors for me that have positively affected my acting career and my life. It was a perfect first step into the mainstream media.

You star as Buck Jacoby in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary which is released here in the UK on October 17th. How did you first hear about the project and can you tell us about the audition process?
I was living in Arizona, but I kept strong ties with my agent in Utah. He gave me a call in the middle of my film study class and told me that Urban Legends 3 was casting in Salt Lake City. Without hesitation I caught a flight to Utah and picked up my six page script the night before my 10:00 A.M. audition, and you better believe I showed up memorized. A couple days later Mary Lambert shows up in town and I get a callback. Half way through my audition with her she cut me short and said she’d seen enough. The casting director asked if she was sure she didn’t want to see the rest of my audition and she looked at me, paused and said “Yes, I’m sure.” So I left and I was positive that I blew it. But let me tell you that in this industry you never know what they’re thinking, what I thought to be the worst sign in all my audition history ended up being a defining moment in my young career.

Michael: "She was always very prepared and
seemed to do a good job achieving her goal".

Had you seen the previous movies or did you watch them after you had been cast?
I had seen Urban Legend and loved it! I’m such a sucker for horror and suspense. I hadn’t seen UL: Final Cut until about a month ago when I bought the Urban Legends Three Pack released here the U.S. in July.

Did you enjoy working with Mary Lambert?
I really enjoyed working with Mary, as a child I had seen her Pet Semetary movies over and over. So to get this chance to work with her was pretty surreal. She was very quiet and down to earth. She was always very prepared and seemed to do a good job achieving her goal. I’d definitely work with her again.

Had you seen any of her previous entries into the horror genre and if so what did you think of them?
I’ve only seen the Pet Semetary movies and I loved both of them. Seriously, as a child they must have been my favorite scary movies.

How were the shoots? It looked like the cast were all genuinely freezing on film.
Most days were okay, but man when we shot the funeral scenes… OUCH! I had pocket warmers in my shoes, my gloves, and down my pants, it was nuts. Poor Lillith Fields (Bloody Mary), I really feel for her, she was trotting around the snow barefoot.

The UL films are known for featuring the hottest new talent. Were you proud to share the screen with so many new talents?
Oh yeah totally! Kate Mara, Robert Vito, Lillith and Audra Lea Keener, It was my privilege. These guys will have nice opportunities in their future; I can’t wait to see them in upcoming projects.

Kate Mara makes for a fine leading lady. Whilst your characters are not exactly the best of friends did you enjoy working with each other?
Definitely, she’s very captivating, like a young Julia Roberts. She has so much going for her, yet she remains humble and enjoyable.

Michael: "I haven’t heard any rumors about a fourth installment".

Which of the death scenes did you personally think was the best? I definitely enjoyed yours the most.
After reading the screenplay I was really into the spider scene, but to be honest when I saw the film I felt it was a little forced. I think Mary had a pretty awesome opening scene with her death and I would agree that what they did with my motel scene was sweet! I think I enjoyed that one the most; it had the most elements of Mary Lambert’s artistic touch.

The film seems to have been doing really well stateside. Do you know if anyone has any plans for a fourth movie?
I haven’t heard any rumors about a fourth installment, but you’re right about the success. I try and keep up with its stats and it’s been in the top 50 rentals chart since its release and it’s up over 11 million now. I’m very happy to see it rise above its expectations.

Would you like to work in the genre again or are you keen to try new things?
Like I said before, I love horror and suspense so I do intend to keep working in this genre. I’ve produced two short films through my college so far and both were in the suspense genre. I just love the macabre I guess, but I do hope to get opportunities in drama, action and all the rest.

Finally where can we see you next?
Right now I’m playing the lead in a multi-media stage production here in Arizona called “The G.I.S.O.A.” Check it out at www.thegisoa.com. And I’m constantly working on producing my own films for distribution. As for main stream movies I’m still waiting for my next opportunity. I really need an L.A. agent, so come on Hollywood stop by www.michael-coe.com and give me a holler.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Michael.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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