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Natalie Victoria


An Interview With Natalie Victoria
Interview conducted by Steven Davies
July 12, 2011

Hot new horror star Natalie Victoria is certainly going to be turning heads in Brett and Drew Pierce's new horror comedy flick 'Deadheads'. We managed to catch up with the hard-working Natalie to discuss the new zombie flick with a twist as well as some of her other exciting new projects!

Natalie: "I actually love scary movies and the horror genre as a whole.".

Could you tell us a little about your character Ellie in new comedy horror ‘Deadheads’?
Ellie is Mike’s long lost love. He sets out to find once he wakes up as a zombie from a 3-year sleep. Ellie is this sweet girl-next-door who is slightly clumsy and awkward in her own way. Okay, she is kind of a big clutz, but very lovable. I loved it! She’s a slow reveal until the very end of the film, which allows audiences to discover who she is along the way.

I also play the zombie bride – which was devilishly fun to play as well… I mean really, what actress wouldn’t love ripping a guy’s chest open, pulling his heart out, and sinking her teeth into the flesh of his still beating heart?

Natalie: "What actress wouldn't love ripping a guy's chest open..".

What was it like to work with Brett and Drew?
A joy! The best director/actor working environment I have been in so far in my career. They are very supportive of actors, clear and concise with their vision, and really in tune with each other. Often times on set, they would give direction while finishing each other sentences. It’s pretty funny to watch actually. In-between takes, we would talk favorite films, comics, and video games. They both have a real solid understanding of what they want and how to achieve that on film – so it was rare that I had too many questions. I always tell them thank you for casting me, because I am lucky to be a part of such a fun film. I mean really - had I not enjoyed making DEADHEADS so much, I don’t think I could have withstood the long hours, the cold, and endless torture those two put me through. No, I am just kidding. Haha!! The Pierce Brothers are great, and I hope to work with them again. I know these guys are going to make many more exciting films that you guys are going to love.

Do you enjoy horror movies yourself?
I do! I actually love scary movies and the horror genre as a whole. I’d love to be cast in a film where I am running and screaming through a cornfield, in a bloody shirt and jean shorts – being chased by a crazed killer. ;-) Come on, that’s classic horror! And I do love the classics; like Dawn of Dead (2004), Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, RESIDENT EVILS, Day of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Quarantine, 30 Days of Night, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and of course DEADHEADS!

Natalie: "The Pierce Brothers are great, and I hope to work with them again.".

What scares you?
I always claim to be fearless – especially on set. Most people wouldn’t argue that. I will try anything if it helps a film I believe in. However, I think if Leather Face came to life - and was chasing me in a cornfield with a chainsaw I would be scared out of my mind. A guy who literally wears other people’s faces and chops them up with a chainsaw?!? OMG!!!!! SCARY!!! Call 911.

Your new comedy ‘InSpectres’, from helmer Darren Orange, sounds like a lot of fun. Can we expect something as fun and entertaining and in the vein of ‘Ghostbusters’?
Yes, I wrapped shooting on another action-adventure comedy called INSPECTRES – similar to The X-Files and Ghostbusters but with a new twist.

The movie is based on Jared Sorenson’s role-playing game by the same name.

It was loads of fun to shoot and be a part of, especially since I got to play a role that was not as nice or cute as ELLIE in Deadheads. In InSpectres, I play Adrianna, who is the CEO of the InSpectres organization. She’s young, tough, rude, a know-it-all, and very cunning.

She leads a team of loveable losers who deal with “unique suburban disturbances”. I won’t give it away, as the film is currently in post-production. You can find out more about InSpectres online here: http://www.inspectresmovie.com/

Natalie: "I got to play a role that was not as nice or cute as ELLIE in Deadheads.".

Having worked on screen and in the theatre what do you think you enjoy the most?
Both are extremely rewarding aspects of acting, and when I am cast in either a play or a film, believe me, I am jumping up and down excited.

They are two different outlets entirely, and I enjoy them both truth be told. I love the intimacy and layering of film – just you and the other actors, and the camera. I love exploring with each take, and new direction bringing a different experience. If you have a really great director who takes their time, film can be extremely rewarding as you get to work a character down until it is just where it needs to be. I love being able to discover that with film. On the other hand, theatre is fast paced, raw, and ultimately 1-take. It’s all or nothing – bring it or go home. Theatre is you, your fellow actors, and a huge audience right there following with you in this live journey. It’s invigorating and scary all at the same time. I love the rush it gives me to perform on stage. Could I pick one over the other? No way! I am an artist. Any time I am offered an outlet to perform in, I consider myself lucky – but most of all grateful.

What made you become an actress in the first place?
I have always been a performer since I as young. I used to write, produce, and sing/dance/act in holiday-themed plays each year I would put on for my parents since I was age 6. (I’d always find a way to bribe my sisters into being shepherds or wisemen each year, which they both hated!). But I think the moment I knew I wanted to be an actress was watching the 1993 Oscars on TV. I remember watching Anna Paquin standing at the podium speechless, wide-eyed, gasping for breath. She was standing there without a word for what seemed like forever. I thought to myself, “ANYTHING that leaves you that happy and speechless – I WANT TO DO THAT!”

Natalie: "I also play the zombie bride - which was devilishly fun to play..".

What other projects do you have lined up at the moment? Could you tell us a little about them?
For the rest of 2011, I have a few projects lined up, but I am always looking to book more!

I am cast in a short film entitled, Hollywood Rules, shooting later this summer – and I am attached to another comedy project entitled Closed Captioning that is still in final development stages. They are both loaded with laughs, sharp wit, and great characters. I am a big goof – and I love doing comedy so it’s a good fit.

In sharp comparison to comedy - I recently was cast in the lead/title role for a crime/drama entitled THE LOOKOUT from director Gustavo Morales. The story is about the decisions we make in life, and their inevitable consequences that follow. The film has action, drama, revenge, betrayal, love, and redemption. I was easily drawn to the material and the role – as it isn’t the type of film I usually get cast in. In fact, I had to fight long and hard for the role. (I will spare you how many times I read for the director/producers). So you can imagine my excitement when they told me I booked it! To have the opportunity to stretch myself as an actress, bring this character to life, and show another side audiences have yet to see of me – is very exciting and humbling. Shooting begins in September 2011.

And of course, my phone and inbox are always OPEN and waiting for calls from other indie filmmakers, horror producers, Frank Darabont, or anyone working on THE WALKING DEAD – Season 2! ;-)

Natalie: "DEADHEADS has been officially selected for this year's 2011 festival".

When can we see DEADHEADS?
Well, Fright Fest just announced that DEADHEADS has been officially selected for this year’s 2011 festival - making it’s UK Premiere in a few weeks! So since Monday, August 29th is a bank holiday in the U.K. – you all have to come see DEADHEADS @ 1:10pm at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London. I am definitely going to the festival and will be there with the team for Q/A. I have never been to London before so I am hoping to see you all there at the screening, and hang out after!

Fright Fest U.K >> Tickets available August 1, 2011 here;
- DeadHeads at FrightFest 2011

- DeadHeads Official Site
- DeadHeads Official Facebook Fan Page
- DeadHeads Twitter Page

- Natalie Victoria at the IMDB
- Natalie Victoria Facebook Fan Page
- Natalie Victoria's Twitter Page

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Natalie.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."


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