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Share Cherrie

Share: "The whole experience is far more intimate this time around".

Conducted by Terry Coe
November 13th, 2010

I happened across a movie trailer for Trick of the Witch surfing around the net looking for upcoming horror movies. Watched the trailer and was pretty certain this movie looked like a hell of a good time. I checked out the Facebook page and then just started chatting with Share on there. She is a cool girl!! Very friendly, and a really interesting person to talk with. I've talked to a few people involved in the film. Chris Morrissey, writer and director of Trick of the Witch is equally cool. I've talked with also, and I can see why these two have worked together on so much. Great people seem to just find each other and make good things happen. I look forward to seeing Trick of the Witch as soon as I can. The movie opens tonight actually, and I wish the whole cast the best of luck!!

Share, its really cool to finally talk with you. What have you been up to lately on the home front?
I'm gearing up for the world premiere of "Trick of the Witch" which will take place November 12th at the New York International Film and Video Festival, which is taking place in Los Angeles. Trick of the Witch is the opening night film of the festival so we are very excited.

What do you like to do on your free time? Been doing a lot of running I see.
I have a lot on my plate, but, I don't mind. It's all great stuff. Been training for the L.A. Marathon and I'm doing the Rock and Roll Marathon this weekend. In addition to film development meeting for the next film, location scouting for future projects, acting auditions, networking, and red carpet events, and of course all things Trick of the Witch for the premiere and theatrical release.

How did you first become interested in film making?
I started out acting and really got a kick out of all the behind the scenes action behind the camera. With all the downtime between acting takes it's very easy to get caught up in what is going on around you. Plus I love old Hollywood, and the old studio system, so that made me want to get more involved to make things happen.

Share: "".

When did you get started in acting?
As soon as I moved out to Los Angeles from Vegas (where I grew up) I had many creative friends that always wanted to do photo shoots and fashion related projects. I'm always open to being involved in anything creative that will help turn my friend's dreams into reality, so I was usually their ball of clay ready to be molded into whatever they needed. This led me to acting and the rest is history.

Trick of the Witch is coming out soon. For those that aren't familiar with the movie, can you give us a little bit of the movie's premise?
Trick of the Witch is about a group of fashion models doing a photo shoot in an amazing mansion in a secluded area where, of course, everything goes wrong and everyone has to fight for their lives from an evil witchcraft curse. I play Krista, troubled ad agency executive, who organized the photo shoot and has to keep everything together.

The film is rooted with the 70's horror mentality. Chris Morrissey, the director and writer, wanted to do something that had a feel of the spooky TV movie of the week and Amityville horror type of film that rely more on suspense and spooks rather than the blood and guts we are used to in many of the current horror movies.

When can we expect to see this film released?
After the film premieres at the film festival, we plan to do another Los Angeles preview screening in January 2011. Then the Los Angels theater release is penciled in for Feb 25, 2011. After than we will do a small New York release, then take the film to other cities based on the success of the NY and LA. You can expect the DVD release around the summer of 2011.

Share: "".

You and Chris Morrissey have done plenty of movies together. How did you two meet up and keep working together?
I met Chris at a very old school Hollywood house party in 1994. Him and I knew many of the same people, they were labeled "The Court of St. Jacques". A bunch of cool fashion designers, musicians, club personalities. We met, and clicked, and when he started making his first couple of short films he asked me to be in them. Which I did, and had a blast filming them.

Out of the movies you've done. What has been your favorite so far?
Superstar Female Serial Killer was the first full length feature we did together after the short films, and I played Trish. That movie was so fun because we didn't know what would become of it. That is my favorite, but, Trick of the Witch was a movie done on a whole new level. And, of course I produced the film with Chris and our other partner Lacey Rollins. So its my new favorite just for the fact that we put so much info it and the outcome has been amazing so far. Not many indie films get much attention so quickly and we've been getting so much positive interest and great feedback before anyone has even seen the film, so it is VERY exciting!

The horror genre is where you seem to be making your mark. Was that your goal when getting into the business? Did you know you wanted to do horror movies?
I love, love, love horror movies! I grew up on them and always thought it would be so fun to be the girl in the movie that makes it to the end. I love the chase scenes and the fight. I actually do all my own stunts and had many bruises to prove it. LOL. It was a big dream of mine to be a scream queen and so far I've accomplished living it in 3 films so far! I can't wait to do more!!

What are some of your favorite horror movies?
I love all the classics. The original Texas Chainsaw, Burnt Offerings, Suspire, The Sentinel, and the original Amityville Horror. In fact, the real Amityville house was up for sale recently and I was THIS close to flying over there and be the one to buy it. THAT would be the ultimate dream home! LOL I would love to turn it into a bed and breakfast!

Is there anyone out there that you would really want to work with?
I would love to be in a Dario Argento film. I would love to be in a George Romero zombie film, David Lynch or John Waters would be a dream come true.

Actually I would love to work with so many people that I just say "Bring it on!" I love acting so I will pretty much work with anyone that has a vision and a dream.

How about any up coming projects? Are we going to be seeing you in some more bloody awesome movies?
I definitely will be working with Chris Morrissey for his next project. Its still in the development stages so we are hoping to jump head in around March or April 2011. I'm meeting with a well known horror producer next week, so something really exciting might be coming out of that. I've had a couple indie horror film directors contact me about their projects.

May be a couple fun acting roles I'm doing in January. And then, of course, I want to continue the opening of my Hollywood studio, which is blueprinted on the old Hollywood studios of yesteryear!

Its always great talking with you Share. I wish you all the luck and look forward to checking out Trick of the Witch.
Thank you so much! Keep your eyes out because I plan to bring many cool horror projects in the coming year!!

With love, Share Cherrie

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Share.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

You can keep up with Share over at her official Facebook Fan page and on the Trick of the Witch fan page also.


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