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Tiffany Shepis

Tiffany: "Wouldn't you rather be covered in
blood fighting some fucker with a hatchet".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
July 7th, 2004

Part 3...
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When it comes to B-movies, you are never really certain that you are about to see a hidden gem, but one thing is for sure: If you watch a B-movie starring Tiffany Shepis regardless of the films quality, you are guaranteed to enjoy it.

Tiffany's no holds barred approach to her roles has gotten her noticed amongst genre fans, and it's no surprise as this amazing talent isn't afraid to show us her assets but only after she has made sure we know she can act.

With starring roles in many of the genre's latest efforts behind and in front of her, it's surely only a matter of time before Tiffany crosses over to big budget horror and I personally can't wait for it to happen!!

How did you get into the industry?
I got in to the industry through Troma. When I was about 15 I auditioned for a part in Tromeo and Juliet, got the part and have been stuck ever since:)

You have been in many horror movies, and in quick succession of each other. Do you actively go after these parts because you are a fan of the genre, or do they find you?
I go after parts in genre films ‘cause I have the most fun shooting them. I mean wouldn't you rather be covered in blood fighting some fucker with a hatchet than doing some lame romantic comedy???? With the budgets on the movies I’ve done, you’re not doing the film for the money, so you have to have fun while you’re doing it. However most of the projects I want seek me out as well. There aren't many of us "actors" out there that will do what we do for the pay we get paid.

Halloween Camp (Bloody Murder 2) was released here in the UK at Halloween and I have to say it is far superior to the original. Had you seen the first one and how did you get the part of Angela?
I did see the original Bloody Murder. It SUCKED!!! I mean it was so bad that I almost didn't do the second one, and if you have seen any of my other films, you know that it would have to be pretty fucking bad for me to turn it down:) Getting the part of Angela was interesting as I'm not sure how they heard about me. They didn't know of any of my other work, and they couldn't figure out who recommended me, but once I got the script I knew if I wanted it the part was mine.

Was everyone including Director Rob Spera aware of the reputation of the first film?
Of course, everyone knew how bad the first one was. We knew we would make a far superior film (it wouldn't be hard) but the question on everyone's mind was...why are they even attempting to make a sequel to this squirming pile of crap???? Even so, no matter how bad B.M 2 was it would still be the movie of the year compared to its mother film. But yes we were all well aware!.

Tiffany: "I kind of get to set, do my job and
then just want to make it to the nearest bar.".

What was the atmosphere like on set?
It was COLD it was the dead of winter and we were shooting a summer camp film. Only on stupid B movies does this happen. NOT FUN:)

In one scene you sneak off into the bushes with a male character for some fun. I've already been hearing tales about cast members heading off to explore "locations" on other shoots. Is working on a horror movie as much fun as it looks, and are there any behind the scenes stories you would care to share with us?
Working on any movie is fun...and yes there is truth to the scandals that happen on sets between co-stars, crew, animals, whatever. I find though, that because I have done so many of these things. I kind of get to set, do my job and then just want to make it to the nearest bar. It definitely has become a job now for me.

Scarecrow was just released here a few months back, can you tell us what that film was like to work on?
Scarecrow was an interesting project to work on. I think it was a great little story idea and it had a super cool monster, but they fucked up on a few things. #1 with the amount of effects needed to make this film cool we needed way more than 8 days to shoot it. #2 Scenes with a kind of corny (no pun intended) monster killing kids should not be shot in daylight EVER!! It just makes it look 10 times cheaper. #3What the hell happened to my character throughout the entire middle of the movie?????? Still wondering. #4 The fucking monster should never ever ever under any circumstances speak!!

Oh yeah and #5 where the hell did he learn kung-fu?

So when you know all these things are going to hinder you in making a better film, it kind of takes some of the fun out of working on them. I did like the overall outcome of the film and I think Emmanuel did a great job with what he had to work with; it’s just disappointing to know that something could have been better.

You then went onto shoot Home Sick, can you tell us a bit about the story and if you actually got to work with Bill Moseley?
I loved working on Homesick. That was fun. It was shot in Alabama with a bunch of kids straight out of film school. I had a blast!!! I only got to work with Bill for 1 day and we only have one scene together in the movie but just spending that time on set with him made me realise why he is a cult movie icon. What a fun guy. I think he improvised most of his lines and they were by far the hit of the film.

Tiffany: "He's home he's insane we kill him...
then all hell breaks loose".

The movie is kind of hard to explain. All I can really say is there is a ton of gore and a great blood bath scene with me and my dead mother. Gore fans and blood fetish folk will be in high heaven. I believe it's supposed to be out in early summer.

After that you went on to shoot The Hazing, again what is it about and did you work with Brad Dourif?
The Hazing I'm really excited about. Actually for all you overseas folk I believe the title is "Dead Scared". It's about a bunch of college kids trying to get in to a fraternity. As an initiation ritual they are sent on a Halloween scavenger hunt and then are supposed to spend the evening in the infamous "Hack House"...there's a legend blah blah blah.

Well me and one of the other kids decide to break in to Professor Kapps (Dourif) house to find one of the items on our hunt list. . He's home he's insane we kill him.....then all hell breaks loose.

The film is definitely for a different crowd than the ones who dug "Homesick". This one is a little more story driven with less blood and guts. Really fun little movie though.

Finally what will 2004 bring for Tiffany Shepis?
I just finished two films.

Abominable (about the snowman) with Jeffrey Combs and Matt McCoy. I play yet another un-suspecting teen that becomes lunch for a big hairy snow ball man thing. I also star in Corpses, by the same director of "The Hazing". This one stars Jeff Fahey as my dad. The basic story goes like this, dude invents a serum to bring the dead back to life and we have to fight ‘em off. Fun little film. We don't call it horror ‘cause it kind of has a crazy Troma vibe to it. We are calling it a Zomidy.

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Tiffany.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

You can visit Tiffany's official web site right here: www.tiffany-shepis.com

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