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Tony 'Tex' Watt

Tony 'Tex': "Blacula, made me sleep with my knife under the pillow as a child!".

Conducted by Phil Davies Brown
December 22nd, 2005

When this latest interviewee introduced himself to me, I wanted to find out more about him and indeed what things are like in the low budget Canadian horror scene.

Tony 'Tex' Watt can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk? Read on to find out.

So who is Tony ‘Tex’ Watt?
I am an Underground Filmmaker/ Actor [Star of Stage, Screen & Brothel!]...I acted as the Brimstone Milkman in SINNERS AND SAINTS [SEE WWW.ROBOMONKEY.NET and as Cowboy Jay in WWW.PRIMALFILMS.COM 's Zombie Night 2]. My movies; I either directed/produced (or both) are 2006 releases: FRANKENPIMP, KING KAUFMAN: THE PASSION OF LLOYD, VIXEN HIGHWAY [and the upcoming exploitation flickeroo WHEN SUPERMODELS ATTACK: The case of the Mulatto Man's ...official fan site at: http://www.filmties.com/view_profile.php?member_id=791 ]. As well, to fund these phantasmagorical works, am a former p.i.m.p.! I am also Founder, Co-publisher of www.TwistedSinemaMagazine.com !

Are you a big fan of the horror genre?
Yassuh...I is ...especially after the poster of the 70's horror feature Blacula, made me sleep with my knife under the pillow as a child! The sight of the swarthy, hungry looking, afro'd black vampire, loomin' over da t'roat of da defensless lilly-white woman, there....ooorg...Blacula makes Bela Lugosi look like a pussy!... I aint even gonna mention The Exorcist, Carrie & Jaws [I read those books in my pre-teens before I actually saw the movies....which all rocked da casbah!...er...Is The Godfather Horror too?..It should be!]...I also wrote/drew horror/fantasy comics for skin mags before I got into the film/t.v. world [oh, I also produce a little t.v. show called Twisted Sinema's : IT CAME FROM THE VIDEO STORE! , of which a sample is available in the above mentioned TWISTED SINEMA MAGAZINE website...It showcases filmmakers like me [Check out sexy filmmaker Melantha Blackthorne (aka Countess Bathoria) at www.SinnersandSaints.org , she rawks!..YUMM-EH!

What are your thoughts on indie horror vs. big budget horror?
It's equal...a shyte indie film is as bad as a big budget, just crappier production...That being said a good low budget horror movie is more realistic, 'cos of the gritty documentary like 'snuff film' qualtiy of real-life...if it's made real well, it's effective...I think. I like indie studios like TROMA in N.Y...it's founders Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz takes the piss out of pretentiousness in the reg'lar Movie Industry [With titles like Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke 'em High, Fat Guy goes Nutzoid, Nyphoid Barbarians, Cycle Chicks in Zombie Town]...This appeals to my inner punk rocker/metal head! Also, I mentioned a few good mainstream horror movies from your previous question...then there are lots of mainstreamers real crap out there which is too many to name [mostly the modern horror parodies, which lack imagination, tho' Saw & High Tension & Asian Horror shows promise]. Many people think you need a big budget to make a decent movie...it's bullshit....all I can say in regards to high budget vs. low budget, IN THAT REGARD is: No matter how hard you try...You cannot polish a turd!

How did you get into filmmaking and what would you say is your favoured job role within the industry?
My favored position is Producer/Director...He's top dog!...You see, when I first pursued the film industry...No one wanted to hire me, let alone talk to me.....So I read books & magazines like Fangoria & Rue Morgue [ www.rue-morgue.com ], watched DVD extra bonus footages on filmmaking...all the TV. shows and DVDs on filmmakers, actors, techies I could find....I used my useless skillz as a former cartoonist, rock music songwriter and TV. producer to make the project. I also cleaned myself up...got me several suits, cut my hair & used my pimp-skillz to fandangle business deals. I guess the next step was to get a business card that said ’producer’ on it!

What was your first ever industry job and how did it go?
I was an associate producer/host on a strip-club related Toronto, Canada-based infomercial in 1999.....I learned a lot from that...so when the digital filmmaking revolution started in the early 21st century, I am/was right on top of it, Daddy-o! Most of the producer & talent then in ‘99 were jerks, but, I guess...So was I!

What’s your opinion on the indie horror scene over in Canada? Is there enough going on for your liking?
Canada has a lot going on for it, Horror Wise...So much untapped talent, here [if you don't count Shatner, Carrey, Meyers, Shania et...al]..Are you kidding? The birthplace of Modern Horror...Black Christmas, Cannibal Girls, Scanners...C'mon, Cronenberg's in Canada, Man! Are you kiddin’! A plethora of stuff there, in Toronto alone! The horror industry in Canada in truth, was started in the late 60's-early 70's, by a couple of French porno industry fellas who gave Ivan Reitman & Cronenberg their early starts, with mega low-budget fare, when they wanted to ad more mainstream topics than 'raincoat market' fare!. I think there is a book or two out ther on that stuff. Great behind the scene stories, Man!

Tony 'Tex': "I usually hate to audition
for anything".

You appeared in Sinners and Saints for/with Melantha Blackthorne, did you learn a lot about filmmaking from that shoot?
www.RoboMonkey.net 's Melantha Blackthorne & Jason Cavalier are UBER-HORROR BUFFS! They were into that stuff before me.....Asian Horror...martial arts....occult movies...Make up...sfx...etc....They had a lot of different camera angles which I noticed Romero used , as well as CARNIVAL OF SOULS -type vision..Melantha's more than just a pretty face a tell ya...whatta business woman...Jason's the same way...except he's got a penis, I guess...He don't stop talkin' 'bout it, especially in dinner meetings with cast/crew present....BUT, I digress......I actually met them, Jason & Melantha as segment subjects for my TV. show [it's on their DVD as a bonus] and we hit it off!. NOT TOO MANY FOLKS KNOW THEY GOT A KILLER SENSE OF HUMOR, being horror-meisters and all.... [*LOL*]...Jan Pivon, especially.....you should check out the bonuses on SINNERS & SAINTS!

Tell me about Zombie Night 2. How did you get involved and what was the shoot like?
Again, I actually met the director www.PrimalFilms.com 's David J. Francis, as a subject for my indie filmmaker themed former- Toronto radio. show: Sinephiles [oops I forgot to mention that ...I actually filmed it. ask Dave to put it in his future box set...it was fun...and when he was a hippie...*Chuckles*] when he made Zombie Night [Part One] and we kept in touch over the years...The bastard actually made me audition for ZOMBIE NIGHT 2's Jay [*smiles*]...anyhow...I usually hate to audition for anything; but I needed money to replace my car which got stolen.

I heard your car was stolen by two bad girls who also stole your equipment and footage? What’s going on with that? Has it been resolved yet?
Stolen, with some VIXEN HIGHWAY film equipment....minimal footage thankfully...mostly scenic....yeah...well I a got a great [ZOMBIE NIGHT 2] movie role out of it didn't I? The car [...my beloved Grand Prix...I'll endorse that model any day of the week...it was a tank!] was found over a hundred miles away damaged and covered with dog shit, fast food wrappers, used condoms and messy clothes...one of their teenage male accomplices [they picked up] got nailed trying to get the car towed out of the sandy ravine they did some extreme driving in [*smiles*]...the film & equipment was not recovered...& I need to start the Summer 2005 re-shooting of VIXEN HIGHWAY ..The teenage vixens were never found....The publicity got to the ZOMBIE NIGHT 2 production team...a role was offered, I guess...so I it did it...so there ya go!

Tony 'Tex': "She is the juiciest & most talented actresses you ever will see".

I hear that you are currently collaborating with John Ervin on Vixen Highway II in Toronto. How is that going?
It's actually Vixen Highway reshot, re-cast, re-written and re-edited with new footage,,,JOHN ERVIN is my Minnesotan Doppelganger!...We are so much alike it's not funny...we dig obscure movies and 70's TV. Shows which no ones ever heard about...Dolemite...Russ Meyer's BlackSnake movie...or Dennis Weaver as a coke addict in a 70's made for t.v. movie, anyone?..Ervie -boy & I are again collaborating on WHEN SUPERMODELS ATTACK a movie thriller series... We are creating some Sinematic Magik, for you folks out there. Watch out!!!

Speaking of bad girls, I have to ask you about Angela Faulkner……I want all the juicy details!
She is the juiciest & most talented actresses you ever will see...a real pro...Eurasian, as well...whatta combo! [I think there is a few pictures of her in my www.TonyWatt.com Yahoo group photo section [as well as my Myspace Pal on www.WhenSuperModelsAttack.com ]...she looks like the love-child of Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba]...She plays Ingrid..an ex-marine in VIXEN HIGHWAY 2006 ...I will work with her and co-star Amabelle Singson [who Plays Divine] in all my bad-girl movies, if I could!

You also founded and run Twisted Sinema which I believe is both a festival and online fanzine. How did the idea for this come about and can you tell us about the organization’s progress since its inception?
No festivals wanted me at the time [which I believe are nepotistic rip-offs.....figure this...the organizers friends always wins...and the entry fees are non-refundable to the poor moviemakers submitting....ah well ]..No media outlet wanted to cover me...And since my star is on the rise...I piggybacked both concepts to rival my career...simple...I built the Asylum I live in!

What else are you currently planning?
Well, the upcoming Blaxploitation flickeroo WHEN SUPERMODELS ATTACK: The case of the Mulatto Man [...official fan site at: http://www.filmties.com/view_profile.php?member_id=791 ]. We lense in mid 2006...I usually like to do 'monster' type movies...this is more 70's style sexy detective, thriller, film-noire fare...I'm negotiating with a few VIXEN HIGHWAY actresses to star in it...[including Angela Faulkner & Amabelle Singson ..one of the Scream Queen Sirens featured on www.TwistedSinemaMagazine.com ] as well a sexy newcomer & Playboy Bunny: Laurie Walsh to play the lead!

"Thank you ever so much for taking part in this interview Tony 'Tex'.
And we wish you the very best of luck in the future."

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