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Terry Coe Posted: 30 December, 2011 at 15:03 PM GMT
Author: Terry Coe

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The year 2011 is about over with and it was a pretty decent year for horror films.. Some of these may have been released over seas, or limited release at cons and film fests. But, I'm going by the U.S. disk release dates. They are in no real order..Except 'Insidious', along with 'Tucker & Dale vs Evil' tie for my number one picks for the year.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil
T&D was a very long awaited movie!! The juice was surely worth the squeeze here though! I was lucky enough to get an early viewing of the movie. Afterwards, I couldn't wait to watch it again. Long time buddies Tucker & Dale are heading up to their new vacation cabin to clean it up and do some fishing and toss back a few cases of beer. Also joining them in the same neck of the woods is a group of college co-eds on a camping trip. When an accident lands one of them in the company of Tucker & Dale, they fear the worst for her. They plan the most misunderstood rescue mission ever. She couldn't be in better hands with her two new friends. Tucker & Dale are now fighting for their own lives… and they have no idea why.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Ties Number One Spot
Tucker and Dale Vs Evil Ties Number One Spot

This movie has been the only horror movie to actually give me the creeps while watching it. The movie was made VERY well and took the haunting story line in a little different direction than what we're normally used to. Moving into their house, a family finds out that there is some bad nasties rattling chains and making life a real pain in the ass for them. To make things worse, their son falls into a coma with no clear explanation to his conditions. Putting the strange happenings behind them, and focusing on their sons health.. They move to their second house. But, the troubles follow them there too. Finding out that its their son that is haunted and not the house puts them down a road that they may not make it back from. This is surely one movie that I wouldn't mind a follow up to, as long as its made as well as the first.

He's Behind You Patrick! - Insidous
He's Behind You Patrick! - Insidous

Hatchet II
All American old school horror is back again in the form of Victor Crowley. Returning in this much anticipated sequel to Adam Green's: Hatchet. Old school horror is alive in well in the swamps of Louisiana. Danielle Harris takes the role of Marybeth this time around, returning to the swamp where Crowley murdered her family. Hoping to take their bodies home where they can rest in peace, a mob of hunters and drunken rednecks take aim for the axe swinging beast that will most likely having them resting in pieces. This movie takes me back to the days of little to no CGI and buckets upon buckets of fake blood. Love it.

Danielle Harris Showers Up In 'Hatchet II'
Danielle Harris Showers Up In 'Hatchet II'

Laid to Rest 2
A lot of movies now a days are made up of strictly gore and no real sense of fear to them. They aren't really scary, just blood and guts. Its rare I find a gem like this that does have loads of gore that I can get into like the Laid to Rest movies. It works here! And when you have a methodical and ingenious killer like Chromeskull on your ass. You better be scared. Because there isn't many quick and painless deaths. LTR 2 starts off where the first ended. We find out right away that Chromey is LOADED. He has funds to find him top notch sociopaths to aid him in his quest to slaughter his next victim and whoever gets in his way. Loved the first movie. One of my all times favs. This one is a perfect compliment. It’s like my grand marnier after dinner.

'ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2' Artwork
'ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2' Artwork

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
I think a lot of people will be surprised to see this movie on my top of 2011. But, ya know what.. I really liked it. Part of the reason, I think, was that I went in with really low expectations. The movie reminds me of Constantine (one of my favs) and The Dresden Files. Pretty corny movie all around, but damn, it sure was a fun movie to watch! Even my wife had to laugh at a few parts. Plain old private detective, Dylan, is formerly… Supernatural Detective Dylan! After the death of his wife, Dylan put the supernatural life behind him. He now puts focus on cheating husbands and wives. Living a pretty lonely life until he meets his next client. Then he doesn't have much choice, but hop back into the world he once put behind him.

The Dylan Dog Comic Book Comes Alive!
The Dylan Dog Comic Book Comes Alive!

Here are some of the movies that I really enjoyed in 2011 that might have made it to a larger list:

Attack the Block
Season of the Witch
Vanishing on 7th Street
Fright Night '11
Quarantine 2
Piranha 3D

Article sponsored by: Horror Juice   Visit here for original horror content services and social media exposure.

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Terry Coe Posted: 30 December, 2011 at 15:03 PM GMT
Author: Terry Coe

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