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WIN Sci-Fi Thriller OCCUPATION on Blu-ray
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WIN Fear The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD
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WIN The Secret of Marrowbone on DVD

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Malevolents: Click Click Reviewed: 05 October 2015
A fantastically chilling old-school ghost tale.
Reviewer: Richard Mansfield
Rating: out of 5
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The Emergence (Missing Era) Reviewed: 15 May 2015
The Emergence is the new apocalyptic novel from author A.O. Khalil. It's an action filled tale of sinkholes that have begun appearing in cities across the world. But this doesn't appear to be a natural force or a coincidence as soon people begin to disappear and mysterious entities emerge from the holes with the intention of killing and feeding on the unsuspecting population above.
Reviewer: Horror Asylum
Rating: out of 5
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CAMP 417 (Paperback)
Camp 417 Reviewed: 31 January 2014
Camp 417 is a prequel to the Outpost book series from Finnean Nilsen Projects. For the unfamiliar Finnean Nilsen Projects is a production company for books, games and other media run by two brothers, The Brothers Finn if you will, who are also authors of this episodic series.
Reviewer: John Townsend
Rating: out of 5
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DEAD SUMMIT (Paperback)
Dead Summit Reviewed: 18 October 2011
Choosing zombies as the bad guys for your first novel is a brave but risky choice. Unlike vampires for example, zombies (at least the mindless, flesh-eating variety) have struggled to make an impact through the printed word, mainly because it’s difficult to invest them with any real sense of character. You’ve seen one zombie, you’ve seen them all and therefore the onus in most zombie tales is firmly on the human characters to grab the audience’s attention and sustain their interest, as well as provide three dimensional portraits in whom they can emotionally invest. This is done most successfully in films such as ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, stories that use zombies as a context for their narrative but never as the dramatic focus. Combine all of that with a plot that journeys in interesting and unexpected directions, possibly with a dose of dark humour here and there, and you’re probably onto a winner. With his debut novel, author Daniel Loubier doesn’t always succeed in terms of characterisation or plot but he does demonstrate a wicked sense of humour in an uneven novel that nevertheless has its moments.
Reviewer: Phil Beresford
Rating: out of 5
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MISTER B. GONE (Hardback)
Mister B. Gone Reviewed: 23 August 2011
Bound up in the intriguing notion of a demon imprisoned in the pages of a 14th century relic, 'Mister B. Gone' seems to promise all the dark brilliance for which Barker is famed. But despite a mind-bending angle that guarantees instantly compulsive reading, the story falls somewhat short of the excellence fans would doubtless expect from this modern-day master of horror.
Reviewer: Faye Coulman
Rating: out of 5
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When Zombies Attack: Issue 1 Don't Shoot the Messenger Reviewed: 09 August 2005
Publisher/Editor Joe Venegas brings us this witty comic book, based on the award winning short film P.M.A.C. When Zombies Attack!! And its follow-up Waker Safety, which itself spawned a set of collectable Waker Safety puppets from Sota Toys. Now the story continues in comic book form.
Reviewer: Phil Davies Brown
Rating: out of 5
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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Anniversary Edition Reviewed: 25 June 2005
With the latest Batman movie hitting our cinema screens to much applause, many people (young and old) will no doubt be hunting down some of his adventures in the medium that gave birth to Batman, ie - the comic book. Comic purists will argue that the cinema bares little comparison when considering the meat served up by comic writers and artists over the years. Writers like Frank Miller have revolutionised the Caped Crusader with his radical beginning and end strories, Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns. Whereas artists like Jim Lee or Lee Bermejo add a visual flavour which steals one's breath away with their work on Hush and Deathblow, respectively.
Reviewer: Andrew Rowat
Rating: out of 5
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English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema Reviewed: 04 June 2005
Put simply, this is the definitive work on British horror films. Lovingly written, gorgeously decorated with some vintage black & white photos and always interesting - Jonathan Rigby forces us to confront our great heritage, the horror film. A genre he argues is a uniquely British one; sure, America may have adopted it in the 1970s with their trailer park slashers and the Germans were at its conception with gems like Das Cabinet Des Dr.Caligari but for decades the British were producing horror films that took on a life of their own, that carved their mark on cinematic history and laid ownership on this genre, much in the same way, Rigby points out, America has with the Western.
Reviewer: Andrew Rowat
Rating: out of 5
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