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The House With a Clock in its Walls Merchandise Giveaway

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Dying Light (Game) Reviewed: 29 January 2015
As someone who is a huge fan of horror games, Dying Light walks a well balanced line bordering on action adventure and zombie slaying goodness.
Reviewer: Aran Doyle
Rating: out of 5
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Dementium: The Ward Reviewed: 20 April 2009
Dementium: The Ward makes an admirable attempt at crafting a legitimate horror experience upon a platform that patently was not designed for such endeavours; the mobile extension of Nintendo’s child-friendly, family-friendly hardware, the DS (and newly released DSi).
Reviewer: Steve Conway
Rating: out of 5
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Dead Space Reviewed: 02 January 2009
Dead Space is a triumph in game design, and surprisingly most of the decisions that pay off emerge from one simple mantra – do not indulge the player in the safety of the non-diegetic world.
Reviewer: Steve Conway
Rating: out of 5
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The Darkness Reviewed: 04 July 2007
From the developer of The Chronicles of Riddick comes The Darkness – a First Person Shooter based on the popular Top Cow comic books.
Reviewer: Nick Morris
Rating: out of 5
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reviewed: 26 June 2005
If you are a fan of the tv series you will love this game. The gameplay is simple and addictive, the graphics are lovely and the voice acting is cute and witty, much like the series.
Reviewer: Andrew Rowat
Rating: out of 5
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Bloodrayne Reviewed: 25 June 2005
Good looking girls with boobs always sell games. Throw in a hefty dose of vampirism and you're quids in... then garnish with evil Nazis and everyone's happy. Bloodrayne is that game. The sequel's just hit the shops and Kristianna Loken (of Terminator 3 fame) will soon be starring in the film. So, is the original any good as a game?
Reviewer: Andrew Rowat
Rating: out of 5
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The Suffering Reviewed: 03 January 2005
This is a game that thrusts you into a plot darker than you can care to imagine. You play a man who is potentially guilty of mutilating his own wife and kiddie - how horrific is that? A kind of Amityville Horror as back story. Almost justifying its 18 certification before the game has even begun. Then comes the swearing, making the Def Jam games pale in comparison. Understandably, your character (Torque) is on deathrow, and these in habitants wouldn't be speaking in the Queen's English in reality, but boy do these guys swear.
Reviewer: Andrew Rowat
Rating: out of 5
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HALO 2 (XBox)
Halo 2 Reviewed: 19 November 2004
The original Halo was one of the greatest video games I have ever had the privilege of playing. It was an action packed, fully immersing, totally mind blowing experience. And to say I got my moneys worth is an understatement. Not only did it come free with the original purchase of an X-Box, but it gave me and my friends hours upon hours upon hours of entertainment at the highest level.
Reviewer: Steve Conway
Rating: out of 5
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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Reviewed: 01 January 1900
I move cautiously down the decrepit, darkened hall of an abandoned building. My hand grips tightly around a lead pipe, my only defense as strange, hostile noises percolate the soundscape. A fire cracks and spits upwards from a decaying barrel, casting silhouettes across the corroding architecture of the corridor. All of a sudden the shadow shivers and twists as demonic laughter reverberates through the walls. My whole body tenses in preparation to confront whatever awaits me in the gloom ahead. I summon my courage and turn the corner. A pallid, inhuman face greets me. A smirk emerges; “Let’s have some fun”, the otherworldly voice resonates as he tightens his grip around my throat.
Reviewer: Steve Conway
Rating: out of 5
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