Thursday, October 22

Zombie Makeover Kit Giveaway

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In honor of World War Z and just because of our love of zombies overall we’re giving away a cool zombie makeup kit to one of our lucky readers. The folks over at have been generous enough to send over a pack of makeup goodies that go along with their fantastic online tutorial instructographics which you can check out at the links below. The winning pack includes glass attack and bulley hole prosthetics as well as fx blood, liquid latex, blood gel, a stack makeup kit, sponges, spirit gum and remover! As a quick test to see just how easy to use these instructographics really are we decided to test it out for ourselves (in the photos shown below). In order to be in with a chance of winning your very own kit simpy head below and answer the simple question!

Libby @ the Horror Asylum becomes a Zom-bby!
Libby Zombie

To be in with a chance of winning this prize just answer the following question:

Zombies love to feed mainly on what?
 Human Flesh
B. Beans on toast
C. Mini cheddars


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