Friday, January 22

5 New Clips From Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Moon’

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This is one I personally can’t wait for! Duncan Jones’ new sci-fi thriller ‘Moon’, starring Sam Rockwell, will land at Sundance very soon. But to keep you guys salivating you can check out five new clips in preparation.

You can watch all of the exclusive ‘Moon’ clips here: ‘Moon’ clips.

I particularly love the Kurick-esque feel to this movie already, let’s just hope the plot and characters are just as well thought out.

Duncan Jones directs from a script penned by Nathan Parker (based on an original story from Jones). ‘Moon’ finds Sam Rockwell (Joshua) as a moon base employee. His job is running smooth until his company informs him that he’ll be replaced. That’s when things go awry. Ooo-er!

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