8 Pant Tingling Moments in Horror – Part One

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The blend between fear and sex has been a solid staple of the horror genre diet for decades now. Long gone are the days that the hunt for an insignificantly sexually-related sequence in a horror film had to be tracked down on an overused VHS tape or borrowed from that one kid who managed to have a copy of just about everything twisted sequence, banned movie or dodgy video going stashed in his basement. So let’s take some time out and look back at just some of those moments of horror and sci-fi past that has managed to scorch its way onto the retinas of pubescent and adolescent spank banks everywhere. Be warned however there is nudity!

Sigourney Weaver in ‘Alien’ (1979)

First up we have Sigourney Weaver in her first leading role in a motion picture tackling the drooling Xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror ‘Alien’. Weaver portrayed warrant officer Ripley aboard the doomed commercial tow-ship Nostromo and has since become famous for becoming a playing such a significant and strong female character in the realm of science fiction which has paved the way in the genre for leading hard-assed chicks ever since. And for 95% of the film the focus wasn’t all about her female form or distracting rear end but simply her drive, intelligence and skills at outwitting the predatory alien creature. Unfortunately feminists everywhere began to scowl as Ripley prepared for stasis on the escaping shuttle began removing her overalls and flaunted about bra-less and with what appear to be the skimpiest little space panties you may ever see in the known universe. The actress, only 30 at the time of shooting, manages to keep us on tenterhooks during the scene which peaked the interest of many a sci-fi geek at the time and has still managed to entertain generations of wide-eyed unzipped adolescents since.

Sigourney Weaver Skimps Down to her Delicates in ‘Alien’
Sigourney Weaver Skimps Down to her Delicates in 'Alien'

Stacey Alden in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’ (1987)

Wes Craven returned to his nightmarish creation in this the third installment in New Line’s horror franchise ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. And for lucky/unlucky patient Joey Crusel his dreams temporarily come true as the object of his desire, a certain blonde nurse named Marcie who shows up, strips off and steals a kiss from the young mute revealing her impressive 80’s rack. Sadly, however, it was too good to be true as dream-wrecker Freddy Krueger was just teasing the sleeping kid who soon finds himself in more trouble than just becoming another case of sex with a minor. The action of this threequel moved to the Westin Hills psychiatric hospital where at least this nurse would give most of us a good reason to go a little off the rails. Also returning to the series was the gorgeous Heather Langenkamp who returns as Nancy Thompson as the hospitals new staff research scientist. Nancy of course faced Freddy in the original installment also helmed by Craven.

A Topless Stacey Alden Improves Health Care
A Topless Stacey Alden Improves Health Care

Linnea Quigley in ‘The Return of the Living Dead’ (1985)

Scream queen Linnea was 27 at the time of release of this great tongue-in-cheek nod to the hugely successful series of Romero ‘..Dead’ flicks. And luckily for us the actress who managed to get her kit off on just more than one occasion during the 80’s made sure the clothes were rapidly lost in Dan O’Bannon’s 80’s comedy horror ‘The Return of the Living Dead’ when she played the sexy feisty punk hottie Trash. During an impromptu strip tease in the cemetery featured in the flick in amongst an array of headstones and gravestones Trash unleashed her impressively gravity defiant breasts and perky nude ass. Then aside from some leg warmers the practically naked star then strutted her stuff around in front of her rocker compadres. But it has to be her later post-zombie appearance which really plays with the senses as she once again shows up in all her nude glory yet as a newly evolved member of the walking dead. Further confusing viewers as to whether they should still be turned on or repulsed.

Linnea Quigley Gives us Trash Tits and Ass
Linnea Quigley Gives us Trash Tits and Ass

Lorie Griffin in ‘Teen Wolf’ (1985)

Not strictly horror yet falling into fantasy territory enough to feature in our short run down of pant teasing on-screen genre encounters this mid-80’s comedy romance featured one notable scene that will linger in every male teenagers mind for years to come. The stunning Lorie Griffin, who played semi-bitch Pamela Wells, in the flick certainly manages to gain the attentions of her male audience members in her feature debut when the star features in a sequence with wolf-boy Scott (played by Michael J. Fox) when she is seen parading around her dressing room in just her bra and panties. Soon after the flirtations we get a quick behind the shoulder shot of some bra unclasping which we’re sure gave Fox his easiest acting reaction performance of all time. And before I’m accused of misogynistic tendencies or forgetting about our female readers then hold on ladies because if you spin on towards the end there’s always the mystery wang-dangler who can be spotted in the background of the final basketball crowd scene sneakily flapping his member about unbeknownst to surrounding cast and crew.

Lorie Griffin Ready to Make a Fox Howl
Lorie Griffin Ready to Make a Fox Howl


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