Thursday, October 1

Bubba-Sasquatch A Possibility?

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Bloody-Disgusting Exclusive: The_H_is_O writes in, ‘Hey BD, just got back from a screening of Bubba-Ho-Tep and I gotta let you know it was great. The movie itself was done great and superbly edited, but what made the movie even greater, is that there were a few special people there. Reggie Banister, who actually has a small roll in the film, and none other then The Don himself. They had a question and answer thing at the end of he film and it turns out that Bruce Campbell and The Don want to make a second….more of a prequel. Here’s the kicker, there are 2 ideas going around, one is Bubba-Sasquatch, and the other being Bubba-Nosferatu. They had a show of hands contest to see what the people wanted to see more, and Bubba-Nosferatu took home the gold.’

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting

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