Thursday, October 1

Coscarelli’s Bubba Sequel?

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Fango writer Ian Spelling talked to writer/director Don Coscarelli about the potential for a follow-up to his art-house hit BUBBA HO-TEP (arriving on DVD May 25 from MGM):

￿After a two-year stint shepherding BUBBA HO-TEP through its festival play and then theatrical run,￿ Coscarelli tells Fango, ￿I am removing my marketing hat and putting back on my director￿s. I am definitely keen to do a sequel. One thing we learned early on was that you could take the word ￿Bubba￿ and follow it with any monster name, and you have a sequel.

￿There were strange ideas floating around￿BUBBA MOTHRA￿BUBBA BLOB￿but in the film￿s end credits we announced BUBBA NOSFERATU: CURSE OF THE SHE-VAMPIRES,￿ he continues. ￿Bruce [Campbell] likes this one, especially the idea of it taking place before Elvis [officially]died. It would follow the King and his Memphis Mafia as they leave the set of KING CREOLE, down in New Orleans, and get involved with a coven of female vampires￿lots of fun hooking Elvis up with chicks with teeth. I￿m a little more partial to BUBBA SASQUATCH, in which Elvis would wind up in a rest home in the north woods where a tribe of killer Bigfoots are snatching the old folks and eating them￿and then it would be up to the King to burn some Bigfoot ass.

￿However, all of the above is predicated on strong DVD sales,￿ Coscarelli cautions. ￿But from our early reports, it looks like the Bruce Campbell fan nation and a lot of other folks are already buying the DVD, even though it doesn￿t come out until the end of May.￿ Watch this site for a chance to win the disc beginning this week.

So what else does Coscarelli have in the works? Another entry in his most famous franchise, perhaps? ￿I￿m also developing several other projects, even some outside the genre. I￿d also still like to do another PHANTASM film. Reggie Bannister and Angus Scrimm are still in great shape and raring to go.￿

Courtesy of Fangoria

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