Thursday, October 1

Eli Roth Future Projects

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Eli Roth, the writer/director of the eagerly anticipated CABIN FEVER, just filled us in about a future fear project that￿s been announced elsewhere, plus another, previously unannounced movie that￿s equally exciting￿

￿I￿m currently writing a movie with Richard Kelly, who wrote and directed DONNIE DARKO, called THE BOX,￿ Roth tells Fango. ￿It￿s an adaptation of a Richard Matheson story; Rich and I are writing it, Rich will produce it with his partner Sean McKittrick, and I will direct it. We want to make the freakiest, most fucked-up, dark, disturbing movie we can that will just scare the shit out of people. So far it￿s really fun! The goal with THE BOX is to create a film that disturbs people beyond repair. I told Rich some of my ideas, and he said they were so sick he wouldn￿t even allow me to bring them up in our writing sessions again because they upset him too much. It￿s going to be a beautiful working relationship.

￿I￿m also adapting a Stephen King short story called ￿1408,￿ which I’m really excited about,￿ Roth continues. This tale, issued as part of the BLOOD AND SMOKE audiobooks read by King himself, is about a true-horror author spending the night in the titular haunted hotel room, where over 30 people have supposedly died. ￿King has been my favorite author ever since I was old enough to read, so to adapt one of his stories into a feature film is a true honor. I will write and direct it, and Lorenzo DiBonaventura, who used to be the head of Warner Brothers, will produce it.￿

Now that Kelly is becoming one hot horror auteur (it￿s rumored that he was approached to helm the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake), when will audiences get to see CABIN FEVER, the film that has put him on the map? ￿Hopefully, Lions Gate will pick a release date soon,￿ he offers. ￿They￿re currently just saying ￿summer 2003, wide release.￿ The interesting thing is that as of right now, CABIN FEVER appears to be the only original horror film on the horizon, one that isn￿t a sequel, prequel or remake. It￿s crazy how there are so few original horror films being made; hopefully, the fans will come support it so that we can see more.￿

Courtesy of Fangoria

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