Thursday, October 22

Fox Searchlight Gets Knowing

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Saving one of the darkest scripts in years from the no-zone, Fox Searchlight has plucked Ryne Pearson’s screenplay KNOWING out of turnaround at Columbia Pictures, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The script, a dark horror piece, concerns a teacher who finds a time capsule buried in the 1950s that predicts the assassinations of major political figures right on the money and then predicts one coming up soon￿’E.E.’ It takes the teacher some time to figure it out, but then he realizes ‘E.E’ stands for ‘Everyone Else’ and he has to try and prevent a major mass death from happening.

KNOWING has long been slated to be directed by Richard Kelly as his DONNIE DARKO follow-up, and after FANGORIA caught up with Eli Roth this past Sunday at the Saturn Awards and was told that Kelly was ‘directing another project’ before their combined effort on Richard Matheson’s THE BOX, it can only be assumed that Kelly will next take up KNOWING, which was just green-lit.

Courtesy of Fangoria

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