Saturday, January 16

Fredericks Talks Detour

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Neal Fredericks (whose Cinematography gave life to the likes of The Blair Witch Project) got in touch with us over the weekend to let us know about work on one of his more recent projects, Detour.

‘Hey All, Over the summer I was hired to DP (photograph) a new opening sequence for the horror film ‘Detour.’ The distributor wanted something really brutal (aka blood, gore, etc) and exciting. So we shot out in the Lancaster, CA desert with temperatures at 100 degrees.

I guess we did a good job because the distributor thought it was too brutal and they had to tone-down the sequence….but the cool thing is that the sequence is on the DVD as an uncut extra…’

Miami, FL – MTI Home Video, and their Studio Partner, Redrum Entertainment, will release the thrilling horror film, ‘Detour’ on VHS and DVD tomorrow (December 2nd). The film is about seven ravers that leave an all-night party in search of a hidden pot farm in the middle of the desert, but instead find a pack of drug addicted, blood thirsty cannibals!

The DVD will be shown in 16:9 widescreen, with a whole host of extras, including: deleted scenes, interactive menus, scene selection, optional Spanish subtitles, and trailers. And of course the Neal Fredericks sequence mentioned above.


Thanks to Neal

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