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Lions Gate Throws Bigfoot To The Wolves

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Lions Gate Throws Bigfoot to the Wolves

It was announced a while back that Rob Zombie and Steve Niles were working on a comic based on Bigfoot that was meant to become a feature film. Well Lions Gate Films has been working with a script entitled Beneath, which is said to be more hardcore and intense than the Zombie/Niles comic. But as of right now the movie looks like it’s been stuck on the shelf because of Sony’s The Cave. Read on for the goods and write Lions Gate and complain if you want to see this sucker…

Scooper Rex writes in to about BENEATH…

￿It￿s about spelunkers and Bigfoot. It was a hardcore Bigfoot too. Harder than Niles and Zombie￿s Bigfoot comic, which I thought was kickass. This is better. Bigfoot scares the hell out of me and I would LOVE to see a film where they do it right… like the writer did in BENEATH.

Anyway, I was informed that they wont make it because THE CAVE is coming out. This is a BIGFOOT movie… not a CAVE movie. They￿re in the caves like a half hour at the end. This is Bigfoot the way Bigfoot should be done. Niles was close. This writer nailed it. It￿s a shame to have a script this good sit on the shelf at Lion￿s Gate because THE CAVE is coming out. This movie NEEDS to be made. The closest thing I can compare it to is JAWS (it￿s that good).’


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