Friday, January 15

MGM Considers More Amityville

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One area of debate that’s been coming up as of late regarding the whole remake issue is whether or not there’s room to improve on the original film in question. Was Invasion of the Body Snatchers a firm candidate for renewal? Nah, but Philip Kaufman did a slammin’ job with his update in the ’70s. Did Psycho need some revitalizing? Absolutely not.

How about The Amityville Horror?

Ah, well, let’s look at the 1979 film: cheesy acting, sluggish pace, not as scary as it could’ve been. The infamous accounts of the Lutz family bled through with more fright value in the book than the film could ever muster, some say. I’m not the biggest fan of Stuart Rosenberg’s big screen portrayal either, so yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing another cinematic stab at the material.

Creature-Corner has heard through a reliable source that MGM is in negotiations to develop a remake of The Amityville Horror. Not some ludicrous sequel. Just a flat-out retelling; although this time around the studio intends to stay truer in essence to the book.

So why the negotiations even though the lion owns the rights to the original film? Apparently they’ve got to hurdle over a few legal obstacles in order to revisit the property and remain more faithful to the book. The specifics about all that are foggy at best to us.

Neither a director nor a writer have been brought aboard seeing as the very idea of a remake is currently on some legal paperwork right now but we’ll give you an update when it comes in.

Now, just so there’s no confusion, this project is not connected to the Dan Farrand’s-penned Amityville project which was rumored, earlier this year, to have attracted George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) and then Tibor Takacs (The Gate) to direct.

Courtesy of Creature Corner

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