Friday, January 15

Official Diamond Dead Site

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Announced last month is George Romero’s next project, which is called Diamond Dead. This Zombie film is supposed to be in the vein of Rocky Horror Picture Show by signing its composer Richard Hartley. To the point, the film was just announced last month and we already have an official site unleashed, with a kicker, read on for the surprise!

Over at the official site they write, ‘How does a movie get made? More importantly, how does a movie by the legendary director George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead) and composer Richard Hartley (Rocky Horror Picture Show) get made? The process is chaotic, crazy, dramatic, hilarious, gut wrenching, and absolutely fun.’

Now here’s the zinger, ‘Now, for the first time, you’ll get rare access to see the process in all its insane glory. Romero, Rocky Horror, and movie fans alike will be able to witness the painstaking details of making a Hollywood movie by filmmakers who are in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and London – they’re basically communicating almost entirely through the Internet during the making of this film. Fans will even be asked to become involved with several aspects of the film, from casting to story scenarios to location shots!’

Follow the link at the top to check out some sketches.

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting

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