Saturday, April 10

Pitts Hammer Xperience

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One of the Creature Corner’s readers dropped them a line the other day with news on a new book in the works about the rise and fall of Hammer Studios, called The Hammer Xperience. The book is being authored by the best scream queen in the world, Ingrid Pitt herself, but it seems she’s run into a bit of a snag.

She’s been looking all over for stories from inside the Hammer studios from 1935 through the 70s, stories the have never been told or told only briefly, and so far she’s only received one response. Just one. Now that ain’t right. Like she says over on her official site, there simply has to be more people out there that have anecdotes or pictures buried in their basement somewhere, and she’s putting out a new call for them now.

She’s requesting that anyone with any new stories or info can e-mail her here with the info and she will be in contact. The book, by the way, is set to be the story of Hammer Film Studios from it’s inception to the days the doors closed forever, covering all the films they created and produced, not just the horror side of things. For more info on the book, check out Ingrid’s official site right here.

Courtesy of Creature Corner

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