Tuesday, January 26

Screw-On Casting News!

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Screw-On Casting News!

Dread Central reports:

‘Hot damn, our last and only update on Mike Mignola’s animated series for the Sci-Fi Channel Amazing Screw-On Head came during our Creature-Corner days. Back then we established that Screw-On would absolutely get our love even though it’s not exactly horror, but it contains vampires and zombies, including the notorious Emperor Zombie.

Screw-On is based on the one-shot Dark Horse Comic of the same name. it centers on an American agent who is simply…a head. A head who can screw onto various bodies to fight evil! Evil, dammit! It’s quirky and cool, let me just say that and recently word has come down that a cast of familiar names have joined the production to lend their voices.

Molly Shannon (of SNL fame) will voice Patience the Vampire, Screw-On Head himself will be voiced by Paul Giamatti (Sideways), David Hyde Pierce (the voice Abe Sapien of Hellboy) is Emperor Zombie, Patton Oswalt (Blade Trinity) is Screw-On’s trusty manservant, Mr. Groin (I shit you not), and Mindy (‘Frau Farbissina’ of the Austin Powers flicks) Sterling will be a pair of zombie henchwomen.’

Courtesy of Dread Central

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