Thursday, October 1

Steve & Rob Tackle Bigfoot

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When you think ‘Bigfoot’ your mind’s eye will likely conceive two images. A grainy, crude, black & white still photograph of a distinct ape-man figure strolling through the woods being one of them. The other? Rick Baker’s ‘Harry’ from Harry and the Hendersons. Sad, isn’t it?

Writers Steve Niles and Rob Zombie aim to give horror fans a new face to associate with the legendary creature in a new comic book mini-series from their Creep International label and IDW Publishing. The four-part Bigfoot (easy title to remember) is Creep Intl’s sophomore effort in following The Nail (Dark Horse Comics) currently washing the comic stands in blood and now in its third issue.

According to IDW ‘Bigfoot is the most realistic story of what it would be like if there were a huge, hairy creature stomping around the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is real – and he’s not happy with mankind. The story promises exciting twists in this story of who is hunting whom.’

Joining the Bigfoot endeavor, with his familiar art and enormous history in the biz, is 64-year-old illustrator Richard Corben. He’ll be providing interior art as well as the covers. Niles and Zombie’s horrific take on Bigfoot will be quite familiar to Corben who spent much of his early career working on Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella.

Look for the series early next year.

Courtesy of Creature Corner

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