Saturday, April 10

Who Owns The Candyman?

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MovieHole found the following scoop:

‘Final Destination’ star Tony Todd got talking to about some of his upcoming movies, including ‘Candyman 4’. ‘Yeah, I’ve been meeting with Clive [Barker] his representatives, and the production team. I know their was a rumor when the whole ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ film came out that Miramax wanted to do a ‘Candyman vs. Hellraiser’. I think Clive wisely opted against that. He didn’t want either of those 2 characters to sell out for a commercial gain. He is very strongly interested in ‘CANDYMAN 4’. That problem that is going on much like many backstage workings, is determining who owns the ‘CANDYMAN’ franchise. Which is strange to me because it’s Clive’s Character? But in dividing the first ‘CANDYMAN’s’ profits, the ownership went from Propaganda, to Sony, to Columbia, then to Artisan. Then Artisan became Lions Gate. As soon as it’s all straightened out and it’s determined who has to be paid before the film even gets written, then the movie will move forward. But he has every intension and knows how much these fans really appreciate a true horror classic. We’ve been in active discussion about doing it. I know it will take place in New England. It will take place in a woman’s college. I know we’re going to use the seasonal elements such as snow. We’re just waiting for the Go-Ahead to move forward. Hopefully it will be shot sometime next year. We’re not gonna let it go. And if for some reason we can’t get the character back from the powers that be, then we’re going to re-create it. One way or another, Clive and I will be working together again. I can absolutely assure the fans of that.’ Todd also confirms his involvement with ‘Final Destination 3-D’. The IMDB added ‘Final Destination 3’ to their listing of, well, everything. They’ve got a 2006 release date mentioned, and the names Glen Morgan and James Wong in the directors box.

Courtesy of MovieHole

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