Wednesday, October 28

‘A Punters Prayer’: An Intriguing, Smart, Urban Satire

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Mem Ferda (Gunned Down, Hyena, Pusher, The Devil’s Double) has signed to feature in ‘A PUNTERS PRAYER’ the debut feature by Savvas D. Michael. Set in Palmers Green, London, ‘A Punters Prayer’ is an intense story about a group of friends who meet habitually at the local betting office to indulge in their favorite pastime of laddish banter, lamenting about life and family, but most critically, satisfying their addiction to gambling. Written and directed by first timer, Savvas D. Michael, it also stars; Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Daniel Caltagirone (The Pianist).

In a recent interview, Mem Ferda, who plays Bektash Ali, the local Turkish Mafia Boss, commented,“ it’s an intriguing, smart, urban satire, bursting with authentic and intriguing characters and should do extremely well’’.

Mem who has recently wrapped on Mark McQueen’s powerful action film ‘A Life of Violence’ and can soon be seen sharing the screen with Hollywood ‘A’ Lister’s Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette in the comedy drama ‘Miss You Already’ directed by Catherine Hardwicke (release – September 2015), went on to say “irrespective of budget constraints, low-budget films now stand proudly next to higher budget ones, at many of the world’s great festivals. ‘A Punter’s Prayer’, should do extremely well’’.

A Punter’s Prayer is Produced by; Katerina Georgiou, John Pavlakos and Andrew Neophytou
Editor: Kant Pan (The Crying Game)
Other Cast: Andreas Karras, Jamie Crew and Tommy O’Neill

Twitter: @aPuntersPrayer

Mem Ferda A Punters Prayer

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