Friday, January 15

Adam Green Set To See Victor Crowley Return For More Slash Good Times In ‘Hatchet 3’

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Following the release of Victor Crowley’s return in Adam Green’s slasher sequel ‘Hatchet II’ on VOD last month it seemed inevitable that this would get the sequel green light. Well, we didn’t think it would be so soon but it appears that Dark Sky Films have in fact confirmed that ‘Hatchet III’ is indeed good to go. It seems Green already had an idea in mind for a follow-up so it looks like Kane Hodder will be returning as the psychotic Crowley. ‘Hatchet II’ starred Tony Todd (‘Final Destination’), Parry Shen, Tom Holland, R.A. Mihailoff, AJ Bowen, horror hottie Danielle Harris and even the gorgeous Rileah Vanderbilt (below). Check out what Adam Green had to say on the subject of the proposed sequel below.

“We already had a possible storyline for HATCHET 3 worked out before we began shooting Hatchet 2 so my cast, crew and I are beyond excited to see that the story and legacy of Victor Crowley will indeed continue. For a little indie movie that I dreamt up when I was just eight years old, it has been absolutely surreal to watch it turn into a modern-day slasher franchise.”

And the plot:

“HATCHET 3 will continue where the story left off in Hatchet 2, as a young woman sought revenge on the malevolent monster that killed her family while they were fishing in Louisiana swamp country.”

Rileah Vanderbilt and More Victor Crowley?
Rileah Vanderbilt and More Victor Crowley?

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