Saturday, January 16

All the Pieces Come Together for Full Look at New ‘Dexter’ Promo

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Ok, the teasing is finally over. Much of this week we’ve had slice after slice of ‘Dexter’s face thrown at us leading all the way up to this – the full size new promo banner for the seventh season of the hit Showtime serial killer series. The new poster features a double dose of taglines, one stating “It’s all on the table” whilst the other reads “He saw. She saw.” reminding us of what must become quite the fractious sibling relationship moving forward between our two main stars Dex and Deb played by Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (‘Quarantine’) respectively. Head below for a gander at the full faced anti-hero.

‘Dexter’s back from 30 September.

‘Dexter’ Saw – The Full Banner
'Dexter' Saw - The Full Banner

New ‘Dexter’ Promo
New 'Dexter' Promo

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