Thursday, October 22

Anna Friel and Oliver Platt to Receive a ‘Master Cleanse’

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British actress and all round cutie Anna Friel -below (‘Pushing Daisies’) has replaced Chloe Sevigny on board writer/director Bobby Miller’s new comedy body-horror ‘Master Cleanse’. Described as “a soulful and humorous blend of Cronenberg body-horror and old-school Amblin” the movie is currently shooting over in Vancouver with actor and co-producer Johnny Galecki (‘The Big Bang Theory’) seated in the leading role. Joining Friel are Kyle Gallner (‘Jennifer’s Body’), Kevin J. O’Connor (‘There Will Be Blood’) and Oliver Platt (‘Fargo’). Veteran star Angelica Huston also stars.

“After holding onto heartbreak for several years, Paul (Galecki) decides to restart his life, joining a spiritual retreat designed to cleanse negative toxins from his body. But things take a turn when Paul and the other participants discover that the cleanse releases something far greater than everyday toxins and traumatic experiences.”

The Sexy Anna Friel

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