Monday, January 25

Balagueró & Plaza Discuss ‘Quarantine’ Remake

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The Spanish writer-directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, of the recent Spanish horror hit ‘[REC]’, have been chatting with Fangoria about the upcoming Screen Gem US remake ‘Quarantine’.

It is a horror film,” Balagueró tells the site. “What they’re trying to do is turn a film that could very well be successful on the art-house circuit, even if subtitled, into one that could potentially be successful as a mainstream, teen-oriented movie. Which is, by the way, the same market that doesn’t like reading at the movies in Spain.”

They also mention ‘Cloverfield’ comparisons and (ahem) Hollywood’s lack of originality.

The due themselves are currently prepping their sequel to the original ‘[REC]’. The shoot will apparently begin long after ‘Quarantine’s release.

The US remake of ‘[REC]’ entitled ‘Quarantine’ will be released this October in US and UK theatres.

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